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Yangtze River Attractions

If there is something original, memorable and unique to experience when travelling to China, a Yangtze River Cruise is definitely the answer to travelers’ needs. The Yangtze River, also called “Yangzi” or “Changjiang” in Mandarin Chinese is the longest river in Asia (third-longest in the world after the Nile and the Amazon) and the mightiest river of China. Famous for its awe-inspiring panoramas of the Three Gorges, the Yangtze River is since recent years a highly tourist destination for travelers looking for an uncommon tour on a relaxing luxury ship.

Attractions along The Yangtze River

City Attractions
Ji'an of Jiangxi Jinggang Mountain Longtan Waterfall
Nagqu Lake Namtso (Lake Namco)
Shangrao Likeng Ancient Village Xiaoqi Village
Chongqing Dazu Rock Carvings Ciqikou Old Town Panda Room in Chongqing Zoo Goose Neck Park General Joseph W. Stilwell Museum Huguang Assembly Hall Building Group Liberation Monument Northern Hot Springs Park People's Assembly Hall Three Gorges Museum
Nanjing Dr.Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum Confucius Temple ( Fuzimiao ) Nanjing Presidential Mansion Qinhuai River Bazaar Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge Hunan Road Memorial Hall to the Victims in the Nanjing Massacre Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum Nanjing City Wall Nanjing Museum Zhonghua City Gate
Chengdu Dujiangyan Irrigation System Wuhou Memorial Temple Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding Jinli Street Dufu's Thatched Cottage Bifengxia Panda Base Chunxi Pedestrian Street Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley of Chengdu Mt. Qingcheng Qingyang Gong (Green Ram Monastery) Sanxingdui Ruins Shangli Ancient Town Sichuan Opera of Chengdu Wangjianglou Park Wenshu Monastery
Yiwu Hengdian World Studios Luo Binwang Park
Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou National Park Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Scenic Area
Ngari Lake Manasarova Mt. Kailash Guge Kingdom
Leshan Leshan Giant Buddha Wuyou Mountain & Temple Lingyun Mountain
Lijiang Lijiang Ancient Town Yulong Snow Mountain First Bend of the Yangtze River Tiger Leaping Gorge Dongba Culture Museum Black Dragon Lake Baisha Old Town Jade Peak Temple Lijiang Mural Lugu Lake Mu's Residence Naxi Ancient Music The Old Town of Shuhe Yak Plateau
Suzhou Lingering Garden (Garden to linger in) The Grand Canal Humble Administrator's Garden Panmen Scenery Area Tiger Hill Lion Grove Mudu Ancient Town Suzhou Silk Museum The Garden of Master-of-the-Net The No.1 Silk Factory
Tongren Longwu Temple Wutun Temple Rabkong Art Museum
Jiujiang Lushan Mountain National Park Sandie Spring Scenic Area Wulao Peaks Jinxiu Valley Jiujiang Yangtze Bridge Mount Sanqing Pipa Pavilion Shizhong Mountain Xunyang Tower Yanshui Pavilion / Water and Mist Pavilion
Yingtan Mt. Longhushan Mansion of Taoist Master Shangqing Ancient Town
Ledu Qutan Lamasery Liuwan Tombs
Diqing(Shangri-La) Songzanlin Monastery Bitahai Nature Reserve Napahai Lake Meili Snow Mountain Feilai Temple Baimang Snow Mountain Baishui Terrace Haba Snow Mountain Mingyong Glacier Nixi Pottery Village Shuoduhai Lake Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas
Kunming Stone Forest West Hill Kunming Flowers and Birds Market Golden Temple Dianchi Lake Dongchuan Red Land, Kunming Jiuxiang Kunming Daguan Park Kunming Museum Yuantong Temple Yunnan Ethnic Village
Xining Ta'er Monastery Qinghai Lake Dongguan Mosque Bird Island Northern Buddhist Temple Riyue Mountain
Dali The Ancient City of Dali Erhai Lake The Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple Mt. Cangshan (The Cangshan Mountain) Butterfly Spring House of Bai People in Xizhou Tie-Dyeing Zhoucheng
Shanghai The Bund Oriental Pearl TV Tower Yuyuan Garden Jade Buddha Temple Nanjing Road Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen and Soong Chingling Grand Theatre Huangpu River Cruise Jing'an Temple Longhua Temple & Pagoda Maglev Train People's Square Shanghai Art Museum Shanghai French Concession Shanghai Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Shanghai Museum Shanghai Old Street Shanghai Science & Technology Museum Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center Shanghai World Financial Center Site of Expo 2010 Shanghai Town's God Temple Wen Miao (Confucius Temple) Xintiandi Leisure Street Xitang Ancient Town of Zhejiang Zhouzhuang in Jiangsu Zhujiajiao Ancient Town
Nyingchi The Yaluzangbo Grand Canyon Batsom Lake Kadin Valley Ranwu Lake
Yichang Three Gorges Dam Shennong Stream Shennongjia Gezhou Dam
Hangzhou West Lake Ling Yin Temple (Temple of Soul's Retreat) Wuzhen Water Town Six Harmonies Pagoda FeiLaiFeng (also named Ling JiuFeng) Chinese Tea Museum Dragon Well Tea Plantation Meijiawu Tea Village
Xishuangbanna Wild Elephant Valley Ganlanba Manting Park(Chunyuan Park) Tropical Plant Research Institute Octagonal Pavilion Daluo River Mange Buddhist Temple Mengle Buddhist Temple White Stupa
Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower Hubei Provincial Museum Guiyuan Temple East Lake Park Red Cliff
Huangshan Yellow Mountain Hongcun Ancient Village Tunxi Ancient Street Tangyue Memorial Archway Xidi Ancient Village Ancestral Temples Doushan Ancient Street Evening Cruise on Xin'an River Huizhou Ancient Town
Zhouzhuang Zhouzhuang Water Town Zhang Residence
Shigatse Yomdrok Zhangmu Port Palkhor Monastery
Lhasa Yambajan