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China has one of the biggest and busiest rail systems on Earth. Almost every city and town is linked via rail. A China train tour adds a wonderful dimension to a visit to China. Train travel in China is safe, comfortable, and far more affordable than flying. Granted traveling by train is slower than flying, but there is nothing like relaxing in your train birth, watching China pass by your window. China also has many High-speed trains between its most popular destinations, including the Tibet-Qinghai railway, which is an incredible experience.

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8 Days China Fantastic Tour with Luxury Train

8 Days | Beijing, Shanghai

This wonderful tour takes you to two of China’s most popular destinations; Beijing and Shanghai, and you travel between these two cities via an overnight soft sleeper train. Train travel is a wonderful experience, and a great way to save money on a China tour. You will begin in B...

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9 Days China's Golden Triangle by Train

9 Days | Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an

China’s Golden Triangle refers to the three cities of Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai, which when connected, form a triangle. These are China’s most famous cities, and for good reason. Each one is totally unique, and has so much to offer visitors. You will travel between these cities...

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16 Days Best Selected Historical & World Culture

16 Days | Beijing, Datong, Luoyang, Shanghai, Xi'an, Zhengzhou

This China tour is truly special. It takes you to China’s most famous sites, along with some lesser-known treasures, and all traveling between destinations will be done by soft sleeper trains. You will visit sites such as The Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors i...

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11 Days China Relaxation Tour

11 Days | Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Yichang

Traveling by train through China is a wonderful experience. It is a relaxing way to see some of the most exciting sites on Earth. This tour will take you though China, and its highlight is a cruise down the Yangtze River on a luxurious Yangtze River cruise ship. This China train ...

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9 Days Classical Gardens & Ancient Water Towns Tour

9 Days | Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Suzhou

Suzhou is home to China’s traditional gardens. Each one is unique, and is an artistic representation of nature. They are beautiful and a new surprise waits around every corner. Suzhou is just one of the many destinations in this China train tour. On this tour you will visit ancie...

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9 Days Selected Picturesque China Tour

9 Days | Hangzhou, Huangshan, Shanghai, Suzhou

China is famous for its historical and natural sites, and this China train tour showcases some of the best of them. You will visit modern cities, and ancient gardens, cruise West Lake, and see how Dragon Well Tea is made. This China tour will show you something different. You wil...

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7 Days Imperial Tour for All Seasons

7 Days | Beijing, Chengde

An amazing place, Chengde is not often visited by tourists. Built in the 18th century for the Kangxi Emperor as a summer resort, it is filled with palaces, temples, and so much more. It is an art museum of architecture. This China train tour also visits Beijing, China’s capital f...

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10 Days Dream China Discovery Tour

10 Days | Beijing, Guilin, Shanghai, Xi'an, Yangshuo

Dream Discovery is the perfect name for this China train tour. You will discover some of the most exciting historic and natural sites in China on this tour. You will see The Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, the natural beauty of Guilin and Yangshuo, and...

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6 Days Beijing, Datong and Xi'an Cultural Train Tour

6 Days | Beijing, Datong, Xi'an

China has some of the most famous sites on Earth, and this China tour takes you to some of them, plus something special. You will visit Beijing, China’s capital, and home to the palaces and temples of China’s Emperors. You will visit the Terracotta Warriors and much more in Xian....

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9 Days Beijing and Lhasa Train Tour

9 Days | Beijing, Lhasa

This train tour takes you from Beijing, through to Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. The train ride between Beijing and Lhasa is truly incredible. It passes through some of the most beautiful scenery in China, and scenery that few people ever see. Although it takes longer than an...

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15 Days Impressing China Train Tour with Shaolin Kungfu and Yangtze Cruise

15 Days | Beijing, Chongqing, Luoyang, Shanghai, Xi'an, Yichang

This tour combines the excitement of Shaolin Kungfu with the relaxing experience of cruising down the Yangtze River and in between you will enjoy watching China pass by as you travel between destinations by train. This tour really has something for everyone. You will also see som...

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16 Days Leisurely China Train Tour

16 Days | Beijing, Hangzhou, Huangshan, Nanjing, Qufu, Shanghai, Suzhou, Taian

Showcasing China’s scenic highlights and historic relics, as well as Chinese cultural aspects such as traditional Chinese gardens and Dragon Well Tea, this China train tour will take you to places you have only dreamed of. You will visit temples of incredible beauty, such as Conf...

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7 Days Classic Beijing-Xi'an-Beijing Train Tour

7 Days | Beijing, Xi'an

Two of China’s most important imperial cities in China, Beijing and Xian, await you on this classic China train tour. You will see the majesty and splendor of China’s past, and their modern counterparts. Sites such as; The Forbidden City, The Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, ...

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12 Days China Train Tour with Cultural and Natural Highlights

12 Days | Beijing, Guangzhou, Guilin, Hong Kong, Xi'an, Yangshuo

China is a surprisingly affordable destination, and by choosing to take a train between destinations, it is even more so. This itinerary takes you through some of the most important cultural and natural sites in all of China. You will see incredible historic sites such as The Gre...

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15 Days China History Experience Tour with Ancient Silk Road Cities

15 Days | Beijing, Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Lanzhou, Turpan, Urumqi, Xi'an

Discovery the incredible views of China as they pass by the window of your soft sleeper train car in this incredible China train tour. You will travel through the major trading cities on the ancient Silk Road, beginning in Xian, and traveling through to Urumqi. The culture and pe...

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15 Days China Natural Scenery, Ethnic Flavor and Historic Culture Tour

15 Days | Beijing, Dali, Guangzhou, Guilin, Hong Kong, Kunming, Lijiang, Yangshuo

China’s scenery, culture, and history are unique, which is one of the reasons visitors have been coming to China for thousands of years. This China train tour takes you to some of the best destinations and sites in China and focuses on its culture, people, and history. In Beijing...

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11 Days Hong Kong and Shanghai Classical China Tour with Ethnic Flavor

11 Days | Dali, Hong Kong, Kunming, Lijiang, Shanghai

China’s Ethnic Minority Groups are quite amazing. Each one of the 56 groups has its own unique culture, language, music, clothing, and history. This tour will show you two of China’s most colorful groups. In the ancient town of Dali, you will see the Bai Ethnic Minority people, a...

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9 Days Fantastic Natural Beauty Tour to South China

9 Days | Dali, Guilin, Kunming, Lijiang, Yangshuo

Combining China natural beauty, and its Ethnic Minority Groups, this China tour is quite special. You will visit Guilin, and see the karst mountains which have made it a popular destination for visitors for millennia. You will visit the ancient towns of Dali and Lijiang, and see ...

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12 Days Classical China Train Tour to Shanghai, Chengdu, Lhasa, Xining and Beijing

12 Days | Beijing, Chengdu, Lhasa, Shanghai, Xining

A train is a wonderful way to experience China. It allows you to travel with locals and watch the beauty of China pass by your window while you relax in your soft sleeper cabin. On this train tour, you will travel to some truly beautiful locations. You will experience the capital...

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11 Days Shanghai-Huangshan-Hangzhou-Beijing Train Tour

11 Days | Beijing, Hangzhou, Huangshan, Shanghai

The area around Shanghai, including; Huangshan and Hangzhou, are known for their unique culture and natural beauty. Huangshan Mountain is incredibly beautiful, and each section of it was formed by different geological pressures, making each section unique. Hangzhou is famous for ...

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5 Days Fabulous Train Tour to Historic Dunhuang and Xi'an

5 Days | Dunhuang, Xi'an

Although only encompassing two destinations, this train tour is packed full of incredible experiences. IN Dunhuang, you will visit rarely visited sites of natural and historic beauty. You will visit ancient Buddhist grottoes, desert oasis, and more. You will travel between Xian a...

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4 Days China Train Experience Tour to Xi'an, Tianshui, Lanzhou and Xiahe Tour

4 Days | Lanzhou, Xiahe, Xi'an

This train tour is filled with Buddhist grottoes, temples, and more. In Tianshui, you will visit the Maijishan Grottoes and Fuxi Temple. In Lanzhou you will visit the Binglingsi Grottoes and Temple Caves. In Xiahe, you will visit the Labraing Temple and Monastery, and have dinner...

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9 Days Xining, Lhasa, Chengdu Train Tour

9 Days | Chengdu, Lhasa, Xining

This train tour visits Xining, Lhasa, and Chengdu, all famous for their culture, and sites. In Xining, you will visit Qinghai Lake, and the Taer Monastery. In Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, you will visit the Potala Palace, the Jokhang Temple, Sera Monastery, and so much more. In C...

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16 Days China Fast Train Experience Tour with Yangtze River Cruise

16 Days | Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Wuhan, Xi'an, Yichang

Beijing, Xi'an, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong are some of the most spectacular cities in the world, and this tour combines them, along with a cruise down the Yangtze River. You will visit the splendor of ancient Beijing, and explore its modern pulse. In Hong Kong, you will see the com...

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15 Days Best Selected Tour to Discover Eastern China

15 Days | Beijing, Hangzhou, Qufu, Shanghai, Suzhou, Taian, Xiamen

Traveling through China by train is a special experience. You will see a side of China few visitors see, while flying overhead, plus train travel is far more economical. On this China train tour you will see some very special destinations. You will see traditional Chinese gardens...

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15 Days Fantastic China & Tibet Discovery Tour

15 Days | Beijing, Lhasa, Shanghai, Tibet, Xi'an

Each day is packed full of history in this very special train tour. You will see the Imperial grandeur of Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, the Buddhist Temples and monasteries of Tibet, and the metropolis of Shanghai. Each part of this China train tour is really special....

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21 Days China Bullet Train Tour with Silk Road Exploration

21 Days | Beijing, Dunhuang, Lanzhou, Pingyao, Taiyuan, Turpan, Urumqi, Xi'an, Zhangye

The tour combines two special experiences, i.e. China bullet train ride and the ancient Silk Road exploration. By taking this tour, you will have a marvellous view of the natural landscape, and feel the splendid culture as well as the modern civilization of China.

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14 Days China Bullet Train Tour with Picturesque Scenery

14 Days | Huangshan, Lanzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou, Xi'an, Zhangjiajie, Zhangye

This is an all-encompassing route that contains both beautiful natural sceneries such as Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Zhangye Danxia landform, the Yellow Mountain, and classical gardens and ancient villages in East China. At the same time, it is a casual photography route, a...

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