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Yangtze Cruise FAQ's

  • 1.What does the price of a Yangtze River Cruise include?

    Shipboard accommodations, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and designated shore excursions fee and port taxes, while the price does not include any designated overnight hotel stay prior to boarding the ship, personal expenses such as wine in the bar, laundry, hairdressing and barbering, telephone and facsimiles, ostal and cable service, clinic, massage and shopping, gratuities etc.

  • 2.What routes are available for a Yangtze River Cruise?

      Chongqing - Yichang (4 days 3 nights)
      Chongqing - Wuhan (5 days 4 nights)
      Chongqing - Shanghai (7 days 6 nights)

      Shanghai - Chongqing (9 days 8 nights)
      Wuhan - Chongqing (6 days 5 nights)
      Yichang - Chongqing (5 days 4 nights)

  • 3.What is the weather like on the Yangtze River and what is the best season to take a Yangtze River Cruise

    The average temperature is 30 C(90F) in July and 10 C(50F) in January. In summer, dramatic thunderstorms and heavy rains often happen to cause the water level high between July and September, while winter is short and cold. Usually, most ships suspend during winter because of the low water level. April, May, September and October are the peak as well as the best season for taking the cruise.

  • 4.How do I know which cruise ship I am going to take and how can I get onboard?

    There are various piers scattering along the port, which is very difficult for passenger to find the right ship to get onboard. Moreover, the anchorage of all the ships are temporarily decided by ship companies. It often happens that some passengers couldn't find their ship until the ship had departed, which is over our control. So highly recommend you book the cruise package tour through us, which will include the transportation to the pier to get onboard with the help of our guide and driver.

  • 5.How can I store my valuables while on my Yangtze River Cruise?

    Valuables can be stored in the private safe deposit box in the cabin. If there is no or it is not big enough, please contact the Reception Desk. They will keep the valuables for you.

  • 6.Are the cruise fare for one person or for one cabin?

    The cruise fare is for one person, in other word, you can only take half cabin, and you should share one standard twin cabin with other unknown but the same sex person.

  • 7.If I am traveling alone, can I hold a single room on ship?

    Not all cruisers have single rooms available, so sometimes you have to take one standard twin cabin instead. In this case, single supplement fee should be charged, which is 75%.

  • 8.Is an extra bed able to arranged on the ship?

    The cabins on the ship are not so big as the hotel rooms. Not all cruisers cabins are big enough to add an extra bed, so please double check it before you book the cruise.

  • 9.Is smoking permitted on the ship?

    No smoking in public. You could smoke on the deck outside if you want.

  • 10.Do I need a ticket or a coupon to get on board?

    There is no ticket getting on board, just like checking in the hotel. If you book the cruise package tour through us, which including private transfer service, our guide will help you go through check-in procedure which is the same as that in a hotel. As soon as the booking is confirmed by the ship company, your names will have been imput into the computer records on the ship, and then we will send a formal confirmation letter to you to confirm everything. You just need to check in with your full names (appears on your passport).

  • 11.Should I take some medications before boarding the ship?

    We advise passengers to bring your own medication when traveling in China.

  • 12.Are there medical facilities on board?

    Each ship has clinic and doctors who are professional trained in both Chinese traditional and Western medicine.

  • 13.Can the staff on board speak English?

    For all the 4 and 5 star cruise ships, most staffs have a good command of English, and there will be a ship tour guide onboard speaking English.

  • 14.Can we take our children with us on the cruise and can we share the same cabin with them?

    Sure. Four stars and above ships provide baby and child carts and chairs, children's play room and child care. You can share a cabin with your children because usually there is enough space to add a bed for child. But extra charges should be paid, which accoding to the age of the children (as on the passport). The following ships can provide good child care and extra bed service: Victoria Cruises, East King, East Queen, President I, Regal China cruises.

  • 15.Do I need a converter on board?

    Most of the cruisers have both 220V and 110V outlets in the cabins. If you need an adaptor, please contact the housekeeping center on board.

  • 16.If I have some special requests for the meal, how to arrange it?

    If you have any special meal needs (such as vegetarian, Moslem etc),please inform us prior to boarding and we will confirm you about your special request. For the individual request,please inform the Reception Desk when you embark.

  • 17.What is the difference between upstream and downstream sailings?

    1)Upstream trip is more relax and enjoyable because of one more day staying on the cruise ship.
    2)Have more chance to learn some chinese culture and custom for foreign passengers.
    3)As there are more people takes downstream cruises, taking upstream can avoid that crowded passenger and much easier to make reservation.

    1) Chongqing has a bigger airport than Yichang airport, so there are quite a lot airline from home and abroad.
    2) For the downstream sailings, the ship berths at midnight, and set sail in the early morning, while it keeps sailing both at day and night for the upstream sailing. Therefore, you may get a sweeter sleep under less noise.
    3) As for downstream sailings, it usually takes 4 days/3 nights, while 5 days/4 nihgts needed for upstream sailing. so, for some travellers who have not enough time, the downstream trip is best choice.

  • 18.What is the dress codes on Yangtze river cruise?

    Some casual and leisure clothes should be packed. Sneakers are recommended for the on-foot shore excursion. For the captain's cocktail party and farewell banquet, we suggest a jacket and tie for gentlemen, and dress or dress pants for ladies. Bring a sunhat and comfortable walking shoes. During the summer, sunscreen is recommended.

  • 19.What kind of food will be served on board?

    Breakfast is Chinese and Western style buffet, while lunch and dinner is Chinese cuisine featuring set menu, table service and free beverage and beer.

  • 20.Besides the sightseeing ,are there any other activities offered on board?

    Kungfu and fitness, Chinese painting and calligraphy performance, and competition, singing and dancing performance, lectures for Chinbese callingraphy, cultures of Chinese food and drinks, as well as the lecture of Tai Chi are constantly arranged.

  • 21.Can I use my credit card on board? If so, what kinds of credit cards can be used on board?

    Both cash and credit card are available on board. Master Card, American Express.VISA Card. Diners Club and JCB Card can be used on board.

  • 22.What foreign currencies can be exchanged on board?

    US Dollar, Canada Dollar, English Pound, Euro-Dollar, Japanese Yen, Hong Kong Dollar, Macao Pataca, New Zealand Dollar, Australia Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Thailand Baht, Philippines Peso, Sweden Krona and Denmark Krone can be changed to RMB Yuan at the Reception Desk on board.

  • 23.How long will it take for ships to pass through the five-level ship locks?

    It will take ships two and a half hours to pass through the five-level ship locks.

  • 24.Do all of the cabins on the Yangtze cruise ships have windows?

    Yes, all cabins on the cruise ships have windows so that room ventilation can be ensured and passengers can enjoy the scenery outside in their cabins through the windows.

  • 25.Are there balconied cabins available on the Yangtze cruise ships?

    Apart from staterooms on some ships, most cabins do not have balconies. Here are some ships with balconies: Victoria (5 star) President 1 (5 star), Yangtze Angel (5 star), Emperor (5 star), Century Star 1 (5 star), Yangtze Paradise (4 star).

  • 26.Are transformer / converter / adapter / hair drier available on the Yangtze cruise ships?

    110 Volt outlets are available in bathrooms on most ships, and the rest are 220 Volt. Many ships will supply hair-dryers in your cabin for your convenience.

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