Yangtze River Cruise Tips

As professionals of tourism and experts in organizing Yangtze River Cruises for years, we are keen on giving our customers the best advices for making their trip go even more smoothly. Have a look at our different sections of these Cruise Tips as well as our Cruise FAQs providing you with the most accurate informations about the cruise.

General informations before boarding
Generally, boarding time for any Yangtze Cruise happen in the afternoon or in the evening. As a consequence, most of cruise ships do not include dinner on the first night on-board so make it sure to have diner before boarding or buy some snacks and water prior to boarding. Some shops on the ships still provide travelers with snacks and other beverages but at a much more expensive price.

Documents to take along with you
Prior to any boarding, please make sure that you have all travel documents required with you (Passport, etc…). Check-in on-board will require your identity paper. By booking with us, you just need to show up accompanied by the local tour guide who will help you do all the formalities.

On-board, there are two options available for paying: personal credit card or “on-board signature account”. On-board credit cards accepted are of the following types: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Federal Card, JCB and Diners Card. If choosing an “on-board signature account”, by the time they arrive on-board, travelers have to sign for all on-board services and purchase to their account. When the cruise finishes, a complete itemized statement and bill is given for you to pay when you check-out. This option is just available on some selected ships.

Since our early booking of Yangtze River Cruise we barely had any cases of motion sickness for the boats are really huge and the river flow is calm thanks to the construction of dams. However, if you are prone to seasickness or other transportation sickness please make sure to bring with you some medication to make the cruise spend in the best ways. Before boarding, one should be aware of the on-board conditions which may alter your ability to check-in:
- Guests under oxygen therapy must meet some requirements before boarding.
- Women entering their third trimester of pregnancy will not be accepted on-board.
In any ways, an onboard professional medical service is provided.

Family with kids
Like everywhere in the world, cruise and airline companies offer some prices to the children between 2- 12 years. Infants (up to 2 years old) only need to pay 10% domestic cruise cabin charge. Some rooms with larger space can be provided with an extra bed. A nursery and day care is also available on ships rating above 4 stars, that are namely: the East King & Queen, Splendid China, President No.1, Victoria (Blue Whale), China Sunshine, Yangtze Pearl, Yangtze, Star Dipper (Beidou) and Xiaofeng ships.

In China, tipping is welcome but of course matter of individual preference. Tips for staff member of local shore excursion are at all passenger’s discretion. Generally, ships have boxes in the front office where to put your tips.

Transportation to the piers
Transportation prior to boarding may need some of our suggestion for some special piers. When boarding at the city of Yichang, travelers will have to go to the New Century Pier (新世纪码头, Xinshiji Matou) where cruise ships generally berth at.

For those arriving by themselves, here are some tips to reach Yichang’s pier. From Yichang Airport taxis will send you to the New Century Pier (about 39 kilometers away, 1 hour) for about 120 RMB. Using taxi from Yichang Long-Distance Bus Station the fare is going to be around 50 RMB (30 minutes if no traffic jam).

Of course, if booking a tour with us all the transportation needed are included. Your personal tour guide and driver will help you to reach the pier needed on time. If traveling alone before boarding, just remember to write down the name of piers in Chinese for the taxi drivers.

All the cruise ships are top rated and provided with the best quality services. The staffs onboard are all English speakers (especially for 4 and 5 star cruise ships) and an English speaking guide is at passengers disposal at any time. Room service, entertainment, medical facilities, restaurants…everything is provided to make cruisers enjoy such a beautiful China trip and discover the biggest river of China. Onboard infirmaries include a doctor and nurses on most cruise ships.

Varying from one ship to another, cruise ship still try to keep the same basics for meals. Passengers meals are served in a buffet style with both Chinese and Western style cuisine (B-L-D). Guests with special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, diabetic or Muslim, should mention it when booking the cruise. Meals will be elaborated in consequence.

Packing for shore excursions
Though passengers will just have to pack and unpack once during the cruise, some shore excursions will need you to carry a little backpack along with you. These items to bring with you wherever you go are just for your reference:
- Passport
- Basics: sunglasses, sun oil, aspirin, plaster (Band-Aid)
- Bottle(s) of water
- Snacks

When participating in a Yangtze Cruise there is no special requirement in terms of clothing. Nevertheless, as some ships (Regal China, Victoria and East King & Queen) will organize formal nights (Captain's Welcome Cocktail Party and Dinner for example) we suggest you to bring jackets or dresses at your convenience for the occasion.

Shore excursions
During the cruise, some shore excursions are at the disposal of passengers for discovering the unique richness of China and the Yangtze River basin. All excursions are with local tour guides. When leaving for them, guests should make sure to follow the group very well until they come back onboard for the next destination.

Note: The cruise itineraries provided here are only for customers’ reference as they may be changed by cruise ships due to natural conditions (e.g. weather, water level). We thank you for your understanding.