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Hong Kong is arguably one of the most beautiful cities on Earth. The city has a unique culture and history, which visitors find simply enchanting. It is a leading financial, economic, and trading city in Asia and is often compared with New York and London. Being a British Concession for over 150 years has given Hong Kong a very unique culture which blends Chinese and British cultures. Hong Kong is made up of over 260 islands, with a very developed tourism infrastructure and is one of China’s main travel hubs.

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4 Days Hong Kong Memories Tour

This lovely 2 day Hong Kong tour will take you to Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, and Aberdeen.

From$510 Free Inquiry

2 Days Hong Kong Highlights Tour

On this 4 day Hong Kong tour you will visit Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, Aberdeen, Kim Tin Walled Village, Man Mom Temple, and the Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree.

From$240 Free Inquiry