Stone Forest

The essence of World Karst Landform lies here in South China. South China Karst Landform is the most magnificent example of the World Karst Landform, mainly consisting of the Stone Forest in Yunnan Province (Karst landform in sword, column and tower shape), Libo County of Guizhou (tapering Karst peaks), Wuling area of Chongqing (solid Karst landforms represented by Natural Bridge, Karst Hole, etc). With a total area of 1460 square kilometers, South China Karst has been 5 million to 30 million years old.                          

The Stone Forest Scenic Area of Kunming is located in the south county, it is 78kms from Kunming. The south county(Nan xian in Chinese) is the symbolic Karst landform place in China. There are over 400 square kilometers stone forest in the county, the whole scenic area includes the Big Stone Forest Area, the Small Stone Forest Area, the Naigu Stone Forest (Ancient Stone Forest in Chinese meaning), the Big Folded Water, the Long Lake, the Moon Lake, the cave of Mushroom and Clouds, the Astonish Windy Cave.

The main scenic area in the stone forest is the Jin Stone Forest, it is of a area of 12 square kms. It contains the stone forest lake, big stone forest, small stone forest, and plum stone forest. If you visit the forests on foot, please mind that it is a big area covers about 5 kms, there are sightseeing cars at the entrance of the stone forest scenic area, you can hire one. This part is the biggest and most beautiful place in the scenic area. And the local traditional festivals will be hold here (eg. The torch festival of Yunnan), people from all parts of Yunnan province and the world gathering here for celebrations. During the day time, people wrestling, pole climbing, bullfight while in the evening, they light the needfire, dancing, playing Chinese dragon plays, lion dancing and other Yunnan folk singing & dancing performances. 

The whole forest is a huge natural treasure gallery, it allows visitors to imagine, to discover and to enjoy the time freely. Wandering roads with silence, walking in the stone forest is like in a fantastic heaven that all forget about leaving. The guests can use the famous Lion pavilion, the peak viewing pavilion, the stone estrades and benches for rest.


Naigu, Sani language of Yi ethnic group, means old and black. Naigu Stone Forest scenic spot, about ten kilometers from the main Stone Forest Scenic Area and with an area of ten square kilometers, is composed of east area, west area, Baiyun Lake, Baiyun Cave and ancient battlefield.

On the top of the peak a stretch of black stone sea will come into your view. If you have interest in walking in the black stone forest you may feel an atmosphere of barbarous wilderness. Even more outstanding is that there are many karst caves under the black stone forest. Now nine karst caves have been probed. It is appropriate to describe Naigu Stone Forest in these lines: Gaze into distance from the peak, stroll across the forest and pass through the caves.

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