Downstream & upstream cruises

When selecting a Yangtze Cruise during your tour in China, different possibilities come to you depending on your time, needs and budget. Yangtze Cruises are able to be taken downstream (from west to east) or upstream (from east to west), the downstream route being the shortest one. Of the same price for the major part, the two ways differ regarding the Chongqing-Shanghai section that may have some extras for some excursions. With both advantages and drawbacks, downstream and upstream Yangtze Cruises are giving you the best highlights of the mightiest river of China.

Downstream (à)
Being the route the most commonly used by travelers, downstream routes are considered as the shortest routes for the boats can travel faster (about 29 kph (18 mph)) than on the other way (average of 16 kph (10 mph)). Making the journey in a quicker time, downstream cruises are the possibility for travelers to tour the Yangtze in a limited time for it takes one day less than the upstream way. Downstream cruises are also typically suitable for those willing to experience the most relaxing nights and daytimes without too much motion causing undesirable seasickness. Never traveling at night, the boats stay docked for not affecting guests’ sleeping time and give impressive sceneries at daytime along the river. Without missing one thing of the cruise, downstream routes are for sure the most suitable choice to make for your own comfort. Moreover, the Chongqing-Shanghai section been served only by Victoria Prince Cruises boat, the downstream route is way cheaper for travelers (only runs between Chongqing and Shanghai).

Upstream (ß)
Starting from eastern China, upstream cruises are known for being slower ways on Yangtze Cruises for the average speed is 16 kph (10 mph) compared to 29 kph (18 mph) for a downstream route. Benefits of upstream routes are that it enables passengers to enjoy in a calmer way the sceneries along the Yangtze banks as well as having much more time to discover the secrets of Chinese culture, history and customs in a day more than the other way. Nevertheless, upstream Yangtze Cruises are not the most famous ones for the biggest drawback of such a route is that some parts of the travel are operating during the night for reaching shore excursions on time during the day. As a consequence, travelers may not have the possibility to see some famous Yangtze scenic spots along the river as they are sleeping while the boat is actually moving. Taking generally one day more for travel, travelers should have mor flexibility in term of time schedule. Moreover, upstream cruises are a little bit more expensive for the Chongqing-Shanghai section that is only served by the Victoria Prince Cruises.