Pipa Pavilion

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Located in the city of Jiujang, along the bank of Pipa Lake rests the Pipa Pavilion. About the origin of the name, there goes a literary quotation. It is said that in the year of 815, Bai Juyi, a famous Chinese poet and official of Tang Dynasty, saw his friends off by the lake and heard a famous musician playing pipa (a kind of traditional Chinese instru­­­­ment) on a boat, which stirred up his mawkishness of farewell and also inspired him to write the famous poetry in history – "Pi Pa Xing" (Song of A Pipa Player). To commemorate this great poet, a pavilion was built by the lake and named Pipa Pavilion.


The Pipa Pavilion was built in Tang Dynasty and experienced destroy and repair again and again. It was constructed in classic Chinese garden style with  pagodas, ponds and small gardens surrounding it; despite its relative obscurity on the national tourist landscape this pavilion astounds everyone who visits it. There are also a statue of Bai Juyi and stone-carvings near the pavilion.

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