Dianchi Lake

Chinese name: 滇池 (Dian Chi)
Location: 5 kilometer in the south of the city of Kunming. (The Daguan Park is located in the north of it, and the Dianchi Lake is at the foot of the West Hill)  
Opening time: 8:00——18:00 (no entrance fee charged)

How to get to the Dianchi Lake:
1. By Bus: Take the No.24 or No.44 bus and get off at Haigeng Park (海埂公园), you can arrive the lake.
2. By Taxi: Taking a taxi to the Haigeng Park (near Dianchi Lake)costs about RMB25 yuan, it is about 12 kilometers from the Nanping pedestrian street of Kunming .
3. Bicycle for Rent: You can rent a bike and cycling around the Dianchi Lake, the bicycle renting is available at the lake.

The red-lip seagulls are to be found everywhere at the Dianchi Lake and Haigeng Park

Introductions of the Dianchi Lake:
Dianchi Lake is one of the tourist spot and best summer resort since ancient time. It was named of ‘Diannan ze’ or 'The lake of Kunming’ before it is called Dianchi. Over 20 rivers flow into the lake from the east, north and south part, the water flows out from the west part and finally into the Jinsha Jiang. The shape of the lake looks like a crescent moon, with a width of 13.5km and a length of 39km. The shoreline is about 200km long and the Lake is over 300 s.q km, it is the biggest lake in Yunnan province and the 6th biggest freshwater lake in mainland China.

The elevation of the lake is 1886 meters, surrounded by tens of peaks , it is of magnificent scenery, it is called 'the pearl on the plateau'. The charming lake changes with the time, lights and cloudy changing in a single day. Dian Chi Lake is a perfect place for tourists, it has a great value in economy, shipping, fishery, irrigation, water supply, etc.

Tourists may feel peaceful and even got moved when you arrival the beautiful Dianchi Lake

Highlight attractions near Dianchi:
The beautiful lake is surrounded by many famous attractions which make it convenient traveling in Kunming, the West Hill Forest Park, Daguan Park, Folk Minority Villages, National Sport Training Centers, Yunnan National Museum and other attractions are very close to the lake.

The agreeable tourist attractions around Dianchi include the Guanyin Hill Scenic Area (full of fishing villages and boats), the Haigen outdoor bathing place, the elegant Daguan Park, etc. Shipping in the embrace of the blue sky and green water, enjoying the magnificent mountains, guest may feel the lake of Dianchi mixed the grace of the lakes and the courage of the oceans together.

Pollution Management of the Dianchi Lake:
The pollution and the management of it is the eternal but sad topic of the province and government. Although the country and some global administrations like the World Bank have invested lots of money to help the progress of pollution management and have made some environmental improvement at Dianchi Lake, it can not completely solve the problems of pollution. Dianchi is still one of the most serious polluted lakes in the world, guests may find the water is of extremely green color in the lake.

Looking down from the West Hill, you may see the panorama of the Dianchi Lake, the road along with it, the polluted green water

Suggestions and tips for a travel to Dianchi:
Recommended travel itinerary in Kunming including the Dianchi Lake: Visitors can firstly go to the West Hill Forest Park for a visit, then take the cable car from Longmen (the gate of the dragon) to Dianchi lake (Ticket price at RMB30).

There is no entrance fee charged at the Dianchi Lake, the entrance fee for Haigeng Park is RMB8 yuan. If guest do not want to take boat during the visit, a half day is enough for a visit to Dianchi Lake. If you want to explore the lake further, you can rent a bicycle and spend two days to cycle around the Dianchi, it is about 200 km..  

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