Xintiandi Leisure Street

Chinese name:
上海新天地 (Shanghai Xintiandi)
Location: Alley 181, Taicang Road, Luwan District, Shanghai City (at downtown Shanghai, adjoining Middle Huaihai Road, South Huangpi Road and Madang Road).
Entrance fee: free
Opening time: all day long

Brief Introduction to Shanghai Xingtiandi

Reconstructed in 1999 from Shikumen structures (literally "stone gate", a unique architectural style of traditional Shanghai residential buildings), Shanghai Xintiandi or Shanghai New World is a vehicle-free leisure area provided with vivid local culture of Shanghai and exotic atmosphere. After almost nine years' construction, the original old and shabby Shikumen area presents a totally new appearance attracting both domestic and international figures and a lot of international model contests, fashion shows, musical performance and news conferences were held here.

The day and night scenes of Shanghai Xintiandi.

Stretching for some 30,000 square meters, Shanghai Xintiandi offers various items including catering, trading, recreation and cultural activities. Today, this combined architectural complex still remains the old brick walls, roof tiles and stone gates, which make visitors feel travelling back to the 1920s of Shanghai. Contrastively, the art galleries, fashion shops, themed restaurants, cafes and bars hidden in the area perfectly build an atmosphere of modern life style.

More about Shanghai Xintiandi

The Xintiandi can be divided into the Nanli which features modern architecture and the Beili which still keeps the exterior of Shikumen. Designed with glass walls, the 25,000-square-meter Nanli shopping and recreation area officially started business in 2002, appealing to commercial tenants from fashion, ornament, food, cinema, fitness and other industries; and the Beili area made up of some Shikumen buildings with modern architectural element, decoration and equipments is the place where elegant restaurants famous for high consumption gather, serving French, Italian, German, British, American, Brazilian, Japanese and many other types of dishes.

The Shikumen house in Xintiandi where the First National Congress of Communist Party of China was held.

The boundary line of the two areas is the site where the First National Congress of Communist Party of China was held in 1921, which brings another historic significance to Xintiandi. Besides, Xintiandi is also a place to come across Chinese top stars, some of who run the shops by themselves.

People spend their leisure time at the Starbucks Coffee in Shanghai Xintiandi.

By the Xintiandi, an artificial lake and the Park of Taiping Bridge with a greenbelt of 44,000 square meters have been completed. Being the largest man-made lake in Shanghai, the lake is dotted with a large fountain and two small islands and surrounded by all kinds of trees and bushes. The Hubin Road along the north of the lake well connects the lake and the Xintiandi leisure area.

How to get there:
- By subway No.1 (get off at "South Huangpi Road") or No.10 (get off at "Xintiandi").
- By bus No. 146, 781, 911, 926, 42, etc.
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