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Tour Guides in China

  • Shanghai

    Shanghai: The financial center of China and its most developed city. Let our tour guide walk you through the development of this teeming metropolis from its colonial past to its cosmopolitan present.Experience the bridge between east and west as well as the spectacular World Expo 2010.
  • Beijing


    Beijing: The capital and China's most important political center. The host city of the 2008 Olympic Games offers an increasingly dynamic mix of ancient and modern. With our guide, you will have chance to climb the Great Wall, explore the Forbidden City, enjoy a traditional Peiking Duck Dinner and delight in a live Kung Fu Show.

  • Xi'an


    Xi'an: The ancient capital and the hub of West China. Xi'an offers a unique fusion of Islamic and Chinese culture, as well as history for thousands years. Witness its wonders and mysterious attractions, i.e. The Terracotta Warriors; share in an ancient Tang Dynasty Performance that will transport you back to the time of the Tang Dynasty in Ancient Times.

  • Guilin


    Guilin: Boasting the most stunning and awe-inspiring mountain and river scenery in China. Our guides will draw you into Guilin with a boat cruise up the amazing Li River, walk along the beautiful Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces and spend a relaxing evening in an open air-cinema watching the award-winning production "Impressions Liu San Jie".

  • Hangzhou

    Hangzhou: A real hidden gem of China located just two hours from Shanghai, Hangzhou. Hangzhou is renowned for its beautiful scenery and rich cultural history. Let our guide share with you the secrets of brewing the perfect cup of the 'Dragon Well' tea, a famous China Tea. Experience a sail on the beautiful West Lake of Hangzhou, and then explore its many corners and hidden cafes.
  • Huangshan

    Huangshan: The most peculiar mountain in China, celebrated with its "four wonders" (legendary pines, picturesque rocks, the  sea of clouds and hot springs). As a renowned Taoist holy place with long history, Huangshan possesses lots of historic  relics. The Yellow Mountain is also an ideal summer resort.

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