Shanghai World Financial Center

Chinese name:
上海环球金融中心 (Shanghai Huanqiu Jinrong Zhongxin)
Location: No.100 Century Avenue, Pudong District, Shanghai.
Opening time: 08:00-23:00 (stop selling ticket at 22:00)
Nearby scenic spots: Jin Mao Tower, Lu Jia Zui Financial Area, Riverside Avenue, Zhengda Square, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Pudong Oceanarium, Lu Jia Zui Greenbelt.

Shanghai World Financial Center is the highest in the mainland China.

General information about the building:

Completion date: August 29th, 2008
Land area: 14400 m2
Floor area: 381600 m2
Floor Number: 3 floors underground and 101 floors overground.
Height: 492m
Structures: SRC (reinforced concrete structure) and S (steel structure)

Introduction to Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center in different angles

Shanghai World Financial Center is a superhigh skyscraper in the city as well as the highest in the mainland China with a height of 492 meters. It is a multifunctional office-based building combining offices, commerce, business, conferences, hotels, exhibitions and sightseeing. Embodies the concept of Vertical Garden City and incorporates the building company's vast know-how and experience, the project offers office space with cutting-edge specifications and all the expected functions of a world-class international financial center. The center is also a hub of culture and information, boasting sophisticated retail space, elegant conference facilities, most advanced security, and superior urban facilities within world's highest observatories, and a five-star luxury hotel- Park Hyatt Shanghai. Restaurants and cafes are set for various business needs, offering diverse kinds of dishes; the forum is Shanghai’s most sought-after event venue for a wide range of top-tier events; the media center is a gateway linking Shanghai and the rest of the world; and the observatories are giant windows in the sky, providing a commanding view of the city and its future.

Observatories in the center

94F- 423m high

It is a sightseeing hall occupies an area of 700 square meters with a height of 8 meters. It is this floor for a fabulous city view of Shanghai as well as for hosting various exhibitions and events against background of beautiful sceneries of both banks of Huangpu River with a totally different audio-visual effects and unprecedented spirit convulsion.

97F- 439m high

It is a platform bridge, which looks like an overbridge suspended in the sky. Standing at the platform and looking up the sky, the design of the open style glass ceiling can bring the freshest air and the color of blue and white in the sky that almost close at hand.

100F- 474m high

Observatories of the Financial Center of Shanghai

It is a suspended sightseeing verandah with a length of 55m. It is the highest sightseeing facility currently around the world. Walking on the glass floor to touch the grand vigor skyscraper is also the experience of the lofty sentiments just as the same of Dufu (712-770, famous poet of Tang Dynasty) the moment he was in the top of Mount Tai "When shall I reach the top and hold, all mountains in a single glance".

World records of the building

1. The highest accessible place for common people- the 100th floor sightseeing platform is the highest one in the world with a height of 474 meters;
2. The highest Chinese restaurant in the world- the one in the 93rd floor with a height of 416 meters;
3. The highest swimming pool- the one in the 85th floor with a height of 366 meters;
4. The highest hotel- Park Hyatt Shanghai from 79th to 93rd floor.

 Ticket prices:
- CNY100 for sightseeing at 94th floor;
- CNY110 for sightseeing at 97th floor;
- CNY150 for sightseeing at 100th floor.
How to get to the World Financial Center of Shanghai:
- By buses NO.1, 454, 574, 798, 818, 870, 961, 985 and the stop of Lu Jia Zui (陆家嘴);
- By subway No.2 and get off at the stop of Lu Jia Zui ;
- By the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel or urban rail No.2 and get off at the stop of Lu Jia Zui.

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