Highlights of Yangtze River Cruise

A highlight in itself, the Yangtze River Cruise is composed of a diversity of scenic spots attracting every travelers’ attention along the cruise. As one of the cradle of China’s culture and history, the river’s banks are filled with stunning views of mountains, gorges, rapids and other natural sceneries barely seen anywhere else in the world. Biggest highlight of the cruise: the Three Gorges section starting from Chongqing Municipality to Yichang is where most of the shore excursions and highlights of the cruise are located.

Along the flow of the river, tourists have the chance to discover the curious Ba and Shu Culture that started to develop there thousands of years ago, as well as local people habits such as the amazing boat trackers. Still earning their living today by helping boats doing their way on the mighty river, these real Goliath constitute a great highlight on any Yangtze Cruise as this is something that can just be seen in this area of China. Many ethnic festivals are organized every year by the local ethnic minorities living here, some of them that travelers may have the opportunity to participate in. Section of China where seeing the speechless hanging coffins, bronze art crafts, embroideries, Ghost city and the world’s biggest dam: the Three Gorges Dam, the Three Gorges is definitely making the whole cruise!

Beautiful scenery along Yangtze River

Comfortably installed on luxury boats, highlights of the cruise involve also many on board activities and friendly services. Chinese culture, Taiji, cooking lessons, etc…many opportunities are offered to you on top of shore excursions to make you live a unique experience of the Yangtze. Yangtze River Cruise highlights are so many that this is impossible to miss the opportunity of enjoying one part or another, whether taking the route downstream or upstream.