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Pingyao in brief Pingyao County is a famous tourist spot lying in Shanxi Province, North China. Renowned as one of the best preserved ancient-walled city of the country, Pingyao has a tremendous movie-set charm that was recognised at a worldly extent by the ranking to UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Being an embodiment of China's history and harmony, Pingyao is the perfect place where entering into a deep insight of China. With its cobbled streets, grey walled houses and typical Chinese red decorations and architecture, the city is just a charming place to anyone. Travelers and backpackers looking for some outstanding discoveries would be pleased by the exploration of the many little streets that make the fame of this historic city. Part of what we call classical China, Pingyao is a marvel for the eyes and a dream for the mind! History of Pingyao China's most preserved historical and ancient town The history of Pingyao is what we can call a long one. The city witnessed many historical events that influenced its architecture and condition as a jewel of culture and history. Due to its location in North China, the city undertook many changes of kingdoms. Belonging to the Jin Ki...More information about Pingyao »

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