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Shanghai in brief Shanghai, Chinas most famous city in the world, is a direct-controlled municipality located at the west of the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, East China. Often referred as the Pearl of China, Shanghai, literally meaning above the sea and abbreviated sometimes as Hu (沪), is a major financial, economic and foreign trade metropolis and harbour of tremendous influence all over Eastern Asia and the world at a larger extent. The city is situated in what we call Yangtze River Delta and is part of the Golden Triangle of the Yangtze with Hangzhou and Suzhou. Consisting of a peninsula, Shanghai enjoys a humid subtropical climate and is registered as the most populous city of the country, having juridiction over 18 county-level divisions. As Asias new financial and commercial center, Shanghai can be compared easily with other big cities such as Hong Kong, New York or London. Highly ranked for its educational system, Shanghai undertook a rapid growth in the last two decades for becoming today a leading city and tourist destination. City of fashion, commerce, culture, the sleepless Shanghai was host of the World Expo 2010, an event that pushed Shanghai as a must in front of ...More information about Shanghai »

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