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Tai'an in brief Located in the middle part of Shandong province, Tai'an city is adjacent to Jinan city in the north, Qufu city in the south, Zibo city in the east. Covering an area of 7,762 square kilometers, the city is divided into Taishan District, Daiyue District, Xintai couty-level city, Feicheng county-level city, Ningyang County and Dongping County. Teemed with mineral resources, including iron ore, bauxite, refractory clay and so forth, Tai'an also boasts rare flora and fauna. As home to Mount Tai, Tai'an was designated as the first batch of tourist city opening to the outside world in 1982, and was in the list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. Travelers coming to this city can feast their eyes with the stunning scenery, the magnificent ancestor of Chinese mountains in particular. History of Tai'an eastern birthplace of Chinese civilization Tai'an Mount Tai area is the eastern birthplace of Chinese civilization, the source of Haidai culture of Barbaroi, as well as the witness of spreading of Confucianism. Fifty thousand years ago, Xintai people reached a stage of Homo sapiens; five thousand years ago, splendidi Dawenkou culture was derived ...More information about Taian »

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