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Nanjing in brief Nanjing is the capital city of the Jiangsu Province, located in Eastern China, about 300 kilometers away from Shanghai. As one of the most famous China's Four Great Ancient Capitals (Beijing, Xi'an, Luoyang, Nanjing), the city enjoys a tremendous fame in Mainland China as well as in many foreign countries. Also holding the names of Nanking or Nan-ching, this historical city situated in the lower stretches of the famous Yangtze River Delta mingles old and new buildings at the same time. Nanjing has a jurisdictional and economic autonomy which puts itself in a higher level compared to other provincial cities. The government of Nanjing has its direct jurisdiction over 11 districts and 2 counties, and represents one of the most important city in the whole country. Mainly composed of Han nationality citizens, Nanjing is also home to 50 other ethnic nationalities among which the Hui, the Manchu and the Zhuang are the most important ones. Geographically speaking, the city of Nanjing lies in the largest economic zone of China (Yangtze River Delta) and enjoys a monsoon humid subtropical climate. More than one of China greatest ancient capital, Nanjing is also appreciated b...More information about Nanjing »

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