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Xining in brief Xining, the provincial capital of Qinghai, is the biggest city on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Located in between the two mountains in Hehuang Valley and standing 2261 metres above the sea level, Xining is the hub of politics, economy, culture, education, science, transportation and communications of the province, with Huangshui River – the tributary of the Yellow River - flowing through the downtown from the west to the east. The city is generally divided into seven districts and three counties. With its permanent resident population over two million, many ethnic minorities such as Han, Zang, Hui, and Man are inhabited here; the main religions are Islam, Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism, Daoism, and Catholicism. The good news for many travelers is that the city enjoys such an agreeable climate that it is an utterly ideal summer holiday resort, known as "Summer Resort Capital", so they are provided a different way to spend their leisure. History of Xining – an Ancient City on Plateau Xining, called Jinchengjun, Xipingjun, Shanzhou and Qingtangcheng in the past, has a long history dating back to 60,000 years ago. Di and Qing, whose posterity b...More information about Xining »

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