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Lanzhou travel guide

Lanzhou travel guide

Lanzhou is the capital city of the Gansu Province, lying at the very center of China. Its particular location makes it a pivotal transportation hub between western and eastern cities. Namely, the city of Lanzhou is renowned for its past history as a corridor to the Silk Road camel caravans. It enjoys a temperate, semi-arid climate and is crossed by the famous Yellow River, China's second-longest river (after the Yangtze River) where travelers can appreciate the magnificence of the Cradle of Chinese Civilization. This rich history and situation within mainland China provides the city with lots of touristy sites that may attract travelers on their tour to China. Recognized as one of the mainland Province with the largest Muslim minority, Lanzhou transports travelers in another view of China. History of Lanzhou A historical stop-off point on the Silk Road Since ancient times, the city of Lanzhou has been a vital point and corridor on the Silk Road and the Yellow River, where all early Chinese Civilization begun. By now, historians can trace its history back to the feudal state of Qin (778 BC-207 BC), one of China's dominant superpowers of the Seven Warring State... More information about Lanzhou »

Top Attractions in Lanzhou

Gansu Provincial Museum

Gansu Provincial Museum

Chinese name: 甘肃省博物馆 (Gansu Sheng Bowuguan) Location: No.3 West Xijin Road, Qilihe District, Lanzhou City, Gansu province. Opening time: 09:00-17:00 (no entering after 16:00); the museum is closed on Mondays except for national holidays. Ticket: free (1200 tickets are offered every morning, and 800 in the afternoon) How to get there: take buses No.1, 18, 31, 50, 53, 58, 59, 71, 76, 77, 103...

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White Pagoda Hill

White Pagoda Hill

Chinese name: 白塔山 (Bai Ta Shan) Location: Central Beibinhe Road, north of Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. Ticket: CNY6 Opening time: 06:00-18:00 Recommended time for a visit: 1-2 hours. Best time for visit: in spring, summer and autumn. How to get to White Pagoda Hill: - take buses No.20, 35, 53, 108, or 131, and get off at the station of Bai Ta Shan Gong Yuan (白塔山公园, White Pagoda Hill P...

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