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Special Tours

We offer a variety special tours including: Honeymoon Tours; Bicycle Tours; Camping Tours; Golf Tours; Rock climbing Tours; Photography Tours; Chinese Martial Arts Tours; Treking Tours.

5 Days Ski Tour with Highlights of Beijing

Tour Code: CST01
Duration: 5 Days
Destination: Beijing

Beijing is an incredible destination and it is even more beautiful in winter. This 5 day ski tour highlights the best Beijing has to offer as well as skiing and winter sports in some of the best winter resorts in Asia. We hand-select all of the ski resorts, hotels, sites, restaur...

6 Days Splendid Harbin Ski Tour

Tour Code: CST02
Duration: 6 Days
Destination: Harbin

The Northern city of Harbin is famous for its winter festival and is a haven to lovers of winter sports. Harbin is home to some of the best ski resorts in Asia and our ski tours take advantage of the best Harbin has to offer. This ski tour will take you to the Yabuli Internationa...

13 Days Diverting Hulunbuir Birding Tour

Tour Code: ST07
Duration: 13 Days
Destination: Hulunbuir

This tour is designed with birding for those who are interested in birds and the natural world. Immersing yourself in the quiet and fresh-aired national forest park and listening to the bird sings, you will feel no vexation but great relaxation. Apart from the highlight of birdin...

5 Days Harbin Ice & Snow World with Historical Northeast China Tour

Tour Code: CST04
Duration: 5 Days
Destination: Changchun, Harbin, Shenyang

This 5 day China winter tour takes you to the North of China and to some of the best skiing in Asia. You will see sites rarely visited by visitors, enjoy the world-famous Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin, plus much more. You will see tigers at the Siberian Tiger Park, visit the an...

8 Days Golf Tour with Best Scenery

Tour Code: ST03
Duration: 8 Days
Destination: Guilin, Kunming, Lijiang, Yangshuo

Are you interested in playing golf? This is the best choice, definitely makes you impressed.

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