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Sanya in brief Sanya, the second most populous city of the Hainan Province, is China's southernmost city tip in the whole country. The city, as well as the whole island, is famous for its unique tropical weather, white sand beaches and palm trees as well as its prominent role as a harbor for exchanges with Southeast Asia. Recently emerged as a renowned popular tourist destination, Sanya offers to travelers the opportunity of enjoying the best of itself all year long as it is possible to have a rest there, even at winter time while northerner cities are covered under a thick and beautiful blanket of snow. This destination is delightful for the one who wants to relax away from the mainland's exciting turmoil, and it may give a lot of surprises for who want to enter in an amazing new world: China's unique tropical paradise on earth. History of Sanya An unsuspected paradise on earth for years The end of the sky and the ocean (Tianya Haijiao, 天涯海角)... This expression referring to Sanya is a hint at its remoteness, which was a condition in ancient times for being chosen as an ideal place to some exiled dynasties. As a city surrounded by tropical and sunny beaches, Sanya was not a ...More information about Sanya »

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