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Shenyang travel guide

Shenyang travel guide

Shenyang, provincial capital of Liaoning, is the center of politics, economy, finance, culture, transportation, communication and tourism of Northeast China. As one of the fifteen sub-provincial cities, Shenyang is divided into nine districts, one county-level city and three counties. The city covers an areaof 13,000 sq. km. in total, with the downtown 3,495 sq. km. There are more than eight million residents here. Known as the Oriental Ruhr, Shenyang is the most important heavy industrial base in China. Political institutions, military establishment, financial institutions, foreign services are standing in great numbers. On top of that, Consulate-Generals of the USA, Russia, North Korea, Republic of Korea, Japan and France in Shenyang can be found here. All this is the positive proof that Shenyang is one of the super cities in China as well as the largest metropolis in the northeastern part of China. In 2013 the city is to witness the 12th National Games of People's Republic of China. History of Shenyang a World-Famous Historical and Cultural City Shenyang is a world-famous historical and cultural city, which got the named thanks to its location in the nort... More information about Shenyang »

Top Attractions in Shenyang

Fuling Tomb

Fuling Tomb

Location: No. 210, Dong Ling District, Shenyang City. Opening time: 7:30 - 17:30 (April - October); 08:00 - 16:30 (November - March). Admission: RMB30. Fuling Tobm was firstly built in 1629 for the Qing Dynasty’s first emperor Nurhachi and his empress. It has 32 ancient buildings symmetrically spreading around the axile wire. Fuling Tomb is a royal archite...

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Qing Dynasty Street

Qing Dynasty Street

Location: Qing Dynasty Street, from Fujin Gate to Huaiyuan Gate. Qing Dynasty Street is a great place for visitors to see the most real culture (including antiques, paintings and souvenirs) of northeast China, and to enjoy all the delicious special snacks. You can’t miss such a interesting place if you visit Shenyang City. History - It was called Xin Zheng Street in Qi...

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