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China Join-in Group Tours

Becoming part of a China group tour is a lot of fun, and is more affordable than a custom tour. Group tours allow you to make new friends, while you explore some of the most incredible sites, culture, and history China has to offer. The quality and attention to detail of our group tours is exactly the same as with our custom tours, so you will experience all the services that clients come to expect from Visit Our China, but at a more affordable price. If you are interested in any of our Group tours, feel free to contact us for more information.

Capital China (4days/3nights)

Tour Code: JGT01
Destination: Beijing

This China group tour showcases all the imperial splendor and modernity of Beijing, China’s Capital for over 500 years. This Beijing tour will take you to some of the most incredible sites on Earth. You will visit The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, the Ming Dynasty Imperial Tombs, and much more. You will also dine on Beijing Duck, a truly incredible dish. This tour is really special, and will show you sides of Beijing that are unexpected.

Golden Triangle (8days/7nights)

Tour Code: JGT02
Destination: Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai

Our Golden Triangle China group tour highlights three of China’s most famous, and popular destinations; Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai. These three cities are very special, and highlight the best of which China is known for. Beijing is known for its sites such as; The Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and The Great Wall. Xian, China’s capital for over 10 dynasties, has an incredible history, and is home to the Terracotta Warriors. Shanghai, is h...

China Magnificent (10days/9nights)

Tour Code: JGT03
Destination: Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Guilin, Yangshuo

Traveling to destinations of natural beauty and cultural and historic significance, this China group tour visits Beijing, China’s capital and home to such sites as; The Great Wall and the Temple of Heaven. In Xian, you will visit the Terracotta Warriors. In Guilin, you will lazily cruise down the Li River and marvel at the scenery that has made Guilin and Yangshuo famous for millennia. In Shanghai, you will experience its vibrant pulse and see wh...

China Highlights (11days/10nights)

Tour Code: JGT04
Destination: Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Guilin, Yangshuo, Guangzhou

A group tour is a wonderfully economic way to visit China and this China group tour will take you incredible places famous for their history, culture, and natural beauty. This China tour will visit Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Yangshuo and Guangzhou. It will show you the history and sites that have made China such a popular tourist destination, as well as its wonderful culture and history. It is an unforgettable tour which will give you incr...

Three Gorges Tour (11 days/10 nights)

Tour Code: JGT05
Destination: Beijing, Xi'an, Chongqing, Yangtze Cruise, Yichang, Shanghai

Cruising down the Yangtze River, on a luxurious Yangtze River cruise ship is a spectacular experience. You will enjoy all the amenities expected in a star-rated hotel on your cruise ship, while slowly floating past the Three Gorges, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. On this China group tour you will also visit some of China’s most popular destinations. Cities such as Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai bring forth mental images of the exotic Eas...

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