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China Week Tours

If your time in China is limited, we provide China Week Tours for you. These tours include our best selected itinerary between two China cities (mainly from Shanghi/Hong Kong/Beijing to another city) and only take about a week's time. Enjoy your China week then!

7 Days Classical Beijing-Shanghai-Beijing Tour

Tour Code: CWT01
Duration: 7 Days
Destination: Beijing, Shanghai

Beijing, China's capital city, is just like a big museum where a great number of great and rare treasures are well collected, showing the world its previous flourish and diffusing its mysterious charm. Contrastingly, Shanghai gets its popularity around the world for its high mode...

7 Days Beijing-Xian-Beijing Discovery Tour Through Time

Tour Code: CWT02
Duration: 7 Days
Destination: Beijing, Xi'an

Being listed as one of the Four Ancient Imperial Cities in China, Xi'an almost wins equal reputation in Chinese historic relics and cultural heritage as well as Beijing does. If you are interested in the archaic and mysterious Chinese civilization, this tour which will lead you g...

7 Days Beijing-Chengdu-Beijing Tour with Giant Pandas

Tour Code: CWT13
Duration: 7 Days
Destination: Beijing, Chengdu

Beijing has been being considered to be one of the few cities that collect the best of China's cultural heritage in China. This trip will show you how prosperousit used to be in history. And Chengdu, which is a city mixed with passion and energy, will attract you with its giant p...

7 Days Beijing-Huangshan-Beijing Wonders Tour

Tour Code: CWT04
Duration: 7 Days
Destination: Beijing, Huangshan

During this trip, Beijing will surprise you by its top historic attractions, e.g. Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace; and Yellow Mountain (or Mt. Huangshan), one of the 10 top must-see mountains in China, will touch your heart bythe unique beauty of its 72 peaks as well as...

7 Days Hong Kong-Guilin-Hong Kong Tour with Wonders of Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces

Tour Code: CWT10
Duration: 7 Days
Destination: Guilin, Hong Kong, Longsheng, Yangshuo

Both located in South China,nevertheless Hong Kong and Guilin will impress distinct enjoyable features in your memory. Fashionable modern city andpicturesque natural wonders, what a perfect mixed trip!

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