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China Week Tours

If your time in China is limited, we provide China Week Tours for you. These tours include our best selected itinerary between two China cities (mainly from Shanghi/Hong Kong/Beijing to another city) and only take about a week's time. Enjoy your China week then!

6 Days Beijing-Dalian-Beijing Essence Tour

Tour Code: CWT23
Duration: 6 Days
Destination: Beijing, Dalian

As an old city with a history of more than 3000 years, Beijing used to be an imperial capital city for more than 850 years in history, whichdefinitely makes it a city that concentrates China's significant historical culture and tradition, even today it is still the nation's capit...

6 Days Beijing-Guangzhou Impression Tour

Tour Code: CWT21
Duration: 6 Days
Destination: Beijing, Guangzhou

This impression tour contains the best highlights in Beijing, the old and modern capital city, in the North and the best in Guangzhou, one of the metropolises in the South. Experiencing this trip, you will have a good chance to see and taste the diversities in culture, life, diet...

6 Days Hong Kong-Shanghai International MetropolisTour

Tour Code: CWT08
Duration: 6 Days
Destination: Hong Kong, Shanghai

The 5000-year Chinese cultural influents plus 150-year Sino-British history have created the unique outlook and character of Hong Kong. The "Pearl of China" - Shanghai isthe largest and most prosperous city in the nation, it is an ideal "shopping paradise", a sleepless city and a...

6 Days Shanghai-Guangzhou China Exploration Tour

Tour Code: CWT22
Duration: 6 Days
Destination: Guangzhou, Shanghai

Join this tour, you can not only experience the prosperous development of Shanghai, but also explore thelife of Sun Zhongshan in Guangzhou city. The Western Han Nanyue Kong Tomb Museum, especially, will surelytouch you in short time.

7 Days Beijing-Chengdu-Beijing Tour with Giant Pandas

Tour Code: CWT13
Duration: 7 Days
Destination: Beijing, Chengdu

Beijing has been being considered to be one of the few cities that collect the best of China's cultural heritage in China. This trip will show you how prosperousit used to be in history. And Chengdu, which is a city mixed with passion and energy, will attract you with its giant p...

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