China Week Tours

If your time in China is limited, we provide China Week Tours for you. These tours include our best selected itinerary between two China cities (mainly from Shanghi/Hong Kong/Beijing to another city) and only take about a week's time. Enjoy your China week then!

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6 Days Beijing-Dalian-Beijing Essence Tour

6 Days | Beijing, Dalian

As an old city with a history of more than 3000 years, Beijing used to be an imperial capital city for more than 850 years in history, whichdefinitely makes it a city that concentrates China's significant historical culture and tradition, even today it is still the nation's capit...

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6 Days Beijing-Guangzhou Impression Tour

6 Days | Beijing, Guangzhou

This impression tour contains the best highlights in Beijing, the old and modern capital city, in the North and the best in Guangzhou, one of the metropolises in the South. Experiencing this trip, you will have a good chance to see and taste the diversities in culture, life, diet...

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6 Days Hong Kong-Shanghai International MetropolisTour

6 Days | Hong Kong, Shanghai

The 5000-year Chinese cultural influents plus 150-year Sino-British history have created the unique outlook and character of Hong Kong. The "Pearl of China" - Shanghai isthe largest and most prosperous city in the nation, it is an ideal "shopping paradise", a sleepless city and a...

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6 Days Shanghai-Guangzhou China Exploration Tour

6 Days | Guangzhou, Shanghai

Join this tour, you can not only experience the prosperous development of Shanghai, but also explore thelife of Sun Zhongshan in Guangzhou city. The Western Han Nanyue Kong Tomb Museum, especially, will surelytouch you in short time.

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7 Days Beijing-Chengdu-Beijing Tour with Giant Pandas

7 Days | Beijing, Chengdu

Beijing has been being considered to be one of the few cities that collect the best of China's cultural heritage in China. This trip will show you how prosperousit used to be in history. And Chengdu, which is a city mixed with passion and energy, will attract you with its giant p...

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7 Days Beijing-Chongqing-Beijing HighlightsTour

7 Days | Beijing, Chongqing

Let yourself immerge in Beijing's grand imperial palaces and gardens, appreciating what wonderful architecture they are and how skilled the workers were and what luxurious life theancient Chinese royal families led in history; and then visit the marveling Buddhist carvings in Cho...

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7 Days Beijing-Datong-Beijing Tour with Buddhist Flavor

7 Days | Beijing, Datong

Beijing is always attracting people from all over the world with its flourishing material and cultural heritages, which concentrate China's 5000-year-long history, and Datong, a city not only famous for its rich coal but also known for some famous historical sites such as Yungang...

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7 Days Beijing-Guilin-Beijing Fantastic Cultural and Natural Tour

7 Days | Beijing, Guilin, Yangshuo

In this tour full of surprises, you will fly from the North China to the South China to enjoy the world-reputed magic natural landscapes in Guilin as much as you like after an overall exploration in the marveling highlights in Beijing. There is much more than you can imagine in t...

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7 Days Beijing-Huangshan-Beijing Wonders Tour

7 Days | Beijing, Huangshan

During this trip, Beijing will surprise you by its top historic attractions, e.g. Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace; and Yellow Mountain (or Mt. Huangshan), one of the 10 top must-see mountains in China, will touch your heart bythe unique beauty of its 72 peaks as well as...

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7 Days Beijing-Xian-Beijing Discovery Tour Through Time

7 Days | Beijing, Xi'an

Being listed as one of the Four Ancient Imperial Cities in China, Xi'an almost wins equal reputation in Chinese historic relics and cultural heritage as well as Beijing does. If you are interested in the archaic and mysterious Chinese civilization, this tour which will lead you g...

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7 Days Classical Beijing-Shanghai-Beijing Tour

7 Days | Beijing, Shanghai

Beijing, China's capital city, is just like a big museum where a great number of great and rare treasures are well collected, showing the world its previous flourish and diffusing its mysterious charm. Contrastingly, Shanghai gets its popularity around the world for its high mode...

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7 Days Hong Kong-Chengdu-Hong Kong Tour with Chinese Taoist Sacred Moutain

7 Days | Chengdu, Hong Kong

Hong Kong itself is an open city with wonderful natural harbors; Hong Kong is also the meeting place of various cultures that blend harmoniously with Chinese traditions and exotic influences. While Chengdu is the hometown of lovely giant pandas and many historical relics. This to...

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7 Days Hong Kong-Guilin-Hong Kong Tour with Wonders of Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces

7 Days | Guilin, Hong Kong, Longsheng, Yangshuo

Both located in South China,nevertheless Hong Kong and Guilin will impress distinct enjoyable features in your memory. Fashionable modern city andpicturesque natural wonders, what a perfect mixed trip!

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7 Days Hong Kong-Xi'an-Hong Kong Tour

7 Days | Hong Kong, Xi'an

Hong Kong is the meeting place of various cultures that blend harmoniously with Chinese traditions and exotic influences with natural and beautiful harbors. And Xi'an is a must-see city of China if you are interested in the ancient Chinese culture. These two cities are good choic...

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7 Days HongKong-Beijing Brief Tour

7 Days | Beijing, Hong Kong

Beijing, the capital of China in mordern times and ancient capital of tens of China states, includes many worth-seeing historical relics. Hong Kong, the pearl city combinating both Chinese and Western culture, is quite charming to people. Therefore, both the two cities are well w...

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7 Days Shanghai-Chengdu-Shanghai Giant Panda Tour

7 Days | Chengdu, Shanghai

The giant panda is the national treasure of China, which is temprate and lovely. Walking into Chengdu you will have intimate contact with them. Besides, there are also many others to visit in Chengdu and Shanghai. So what are you waiting for?

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7 Days Shanghai-Chongqing-Shanghai Tour

7 Days | Chongqing, Shanghai

Not to mention Shanghai where countless attractions assemble, you can see many in the Mountion City - Chongqing as well. The pandas, carvings and the Three Gorges Museum will surely astonish you!

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7 Days Shanghai-Guilin-Shanghai China Ethnic Flavor Tour

7 Days | Guilin, Longsheng, Shanghai, Yangshuo

Guilin is praised as the heaven possessing the most beautiful landscapes in the world. It is also a paradise for Miao, Zhuang, Yao and Han people to live together. This tour will bring you a special ethnic flavor and natural scenery experience of China.

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7 Days Shanghai-Huangshan-Shanghai Tour

7 Days | Huangshan, Shanghai

Huangshan, or the Yellow Mountain, is "the most peculiar mountain in China" famous for its "four wonders". You will also see the ancient memorial archway and inck stone of China. Shanghai and Huangshan is waiting for your exploration!

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7 Days Shanghai-Qingdao-Shanghai Beachside Tour

7 Days | Qingdao, Shanghai

As a world-famous coastal city, Qingdao in Shandong isfamiliar to people. After visiting the prosperous Shanghai city, do not miss the cool Qingdao, wherebeautiful beachside sceneries willfeast your eyes and soul!

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7 Days Shanghai-Xian-Shanghai China Culture Contrast Tour

7 Days | Shanghai, Xi'an

Shanghai is the largest and most prosperous city in China while Xi'an is an ancient capital with more than 3000 years' history. You will enjoy the culture contast of China during this tour. Busy Nanjing Road and quiet Ancient Great Wall, Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower and grand...

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8 Days Beijing-Lijiang-Beijing Ancient City Experience Tour

8 Days | Beijing, Lijiang

Beijing, which was the royal city of many dynasties in ancient china and is now still P.R. China's capital city, impresses people with its invaluable cultural heritage and imposing architectures of dignified royal power, it shines as a world-known ancient imperial city in North C...

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8 Days Shanghai-Lhasa-Shanghai Tour

8 Days | Lhasa, Shanghai

Lhasa, the holy heaven in legend, is a place loved by many people. Natural environment, pious local people will bring you a absolutely different experience. After seeing the Bund of Shanghai, visit the Potala Palace and listen to some stories here!

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8 Days Shanghai-Lijiang-Shanghai Southwestern Minority Culture Tour

8 Days | Lijiang, Shanghai

Shanghai is well-known for its prosperous development and Lijiang for its beautiful sceneries and ethnic flavor. Join this tour you can not only experience the rapid development of China but also enjoy the romantic atmosphereof Lijiang.

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