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China Week Tours

If your time in China is limited, we provide China Week Tours for you. These tours include our best selected itinerary between two China cities (mainly from Shanghi/Hong Kong/Beijing to another city) and only take about a week's time. Enjoy your China week then!

7 Days Beijing-Chongqing-Beijing HighlightsTour

Tour Code: CWT16
Duration: 7 Days
Destination: Beijing, Chongqing

Let yourself immerge in Beijing's grand imperial palaces and gardens, appreciating what wonderful architecture they are and how skilled the workers were and what luxurious life theancient Chinese royal families led in history; and then visit the marveling Buddhist carvings in Cho...

7 Days Beijing-Datong-Beijing Tour with Buddhist Flavor

Tour Code: CWT24
Duration: 7 Days
Destination: Beijing, Datong

Beijing is always attracting people from all over the world with its flourishing material and cultural heritages, which concentrate China's 5000-year-long history, and Datong, a city not only famous for its rich coal but also known for some famous historical sites such as Yungang...

7 Days Beijing-Guilin-Beijing Fantastic Cultural and Natural Tour

Tour Code: CWT12
Duration: 7 Days
Destination: Beijing, Guilin, Yangshuo

In this tour full of surprises, you will fly from the North China to the South China to enjoy the world-reputed magic natural landscapes in Guilin as much as you like after an overall exploration in the marveling highlights in Beijing. There is much more than you can imagine in t...

8 Days Beijing-Lijiang-Beijing Ancient City Experience Tour

Tour Code: CWT18
Duration: 8 Days
Destination: Beijing, Lijiang

Beijing, which was the royal city of many dynasties in ancient china and is now still P.R. China's capital city, impresses people with its invaluable cultural heritage and imposing architectures of dignified royal power, it shines as a world-known ancient imperial city in North C...

6 Days Hong Kong-Shanghai International MetropolisTour

Tour Code: CWT08
Duration: 6 Days
Destination: Hong Kong, Shanghai

The 5000-year Chinese cultural influents plus 150-year Sino-British history have created the unique outlook and character of Hong Kong. The "Pearl of China" - Shanghai isthe largest and most prosperous city in the nation, it is an ideal "shopping paradise", a sleepless city and a...

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