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Longsheng in brief Longsheng County, or rather Longsheng Various Nationalities Autonomous County, is located 87 kilometers from Guilin City, on the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It lies at the foot of Yuecheng Mountain. Most of the county occupies a high plateau surrounded by mountains with the highest mountain - Nanshan (South Mountain) rising 1940 meters above sea level. It has a monsoon climate, no burning summer and bitter winter. It is a great place to beat the summer heat as well as to experience ethnic life. There are mainly Yao and Zhuang ethnic tribes in Longsheng. However, what makes this small county particularly standout are the splendid terraced rice fields and hot springs. Other terraced fields may be lovely either, but the Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces(or LongjiRice Terraces)is indisputably the most spectacular of the lot. Located 22 kilometers from the county town, it climbs more than one thousand meters, seemingly endless with big and small paddy fields. It is the engineering feats of Zhuang people and stands like a monument to the strength and industriousness of them. In spring, it looks like layers of silver ribbons, in summer gree...More information about Longsheng »

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