China tours to Wuyishan

Located in the northern part of Fujian province, Wuyishan city, by far is the only city in Fujian named after a mountain. It is bordering Pucheng County in the east, Jianyang city in the south, Guangze County in the west and Qianshan County of Jiangxi province in the north. Covering an area of 2802.8 sq. km., the city is 70 kilometers wide and 72.5 kilometres long. Roughly estimated, there are more than 0.2 million people living here. Surrounded by mountains in the north, east and west, the city is situated 210 meters high above the sea level, with Huanggang Mountain 2158 metres – the highest peak within the city and the "Ridge of East China". Generally speaking, the city is divided into three streets, three towns and four villages. The world-famous Wuyishan Scen...

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12 Days Classica China Tea Culture Tour

12 Days | Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Wuyishan

Tea is a very special part of China’s culture, and for many, it is a way of life. This tour will invite you into the world of Chinese tea. Hangzhou, famous for its Dragon Well Tea, and Wuyishan Mountain, famous for its Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) Tea, are two of the most famous te...

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16 Days China Southern Folk Residences & Wuyishan Explore Tour

16 Days | Guangzhou, Guilin, Hong Kong, Macao, Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuyishan, Xiamen, Yangshuo

Chinese Ethnic Minority architecture and culture is truly unique and this tour focuses on them, as well as areas famous for their natural beauty, and some of the best sites China has to offer. A large number of the sites on this China tour are listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Li...

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10 Days Beijing, Nanchang, Mt. Lushan, Xiamen, Wuyishan, Fuzhou Tour

10 Days | Beijing, Jiujiang, Nanchang, Wuyishan, Xiamen

Curious about how grand the Chinese imperial palaces are actually? Want to put yourself into the mysterious scene of staying in amidst of wreathing mist where immortals live and cultivate according to traditional Chinese idea? Join this tour and prepare yourself for the breathtak...

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9 Days Mt. Wuyi, Yingtan, Jingdezhen, Jiujiang, Mt. Lushan, Nanchang Tour

9 Days | Jingdezhen, Jiujiang, Nanchang, Wuyishan, Yingtan

This special tour is carefully designed as a selected mix to southeast China with two amazing mountain resorts (Mt. Lushan and Mt. Wuyishan), home to Chinese ceramic (Jingdezhen Town), and the ancient cultural city of Nanchang.

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