Wuyishan Weather

Surrounded by mountains on three sides, Wuyishan City falls within the middle subtropical monsoon humid climate with short spring and autumn but long summer and winter. Located in mountain area, it has a large temperature difference between day and night, plentiful rainfall, high humility and long fog days. On average, Wuyishan enjoys moderate four seasons with annual average temperature of 17.6 Celsius degree and average annual precipitation of 1864mm. With a natural cover for defense consisting of more than 30 peaks standing 1800 meters high, the cold air from the north can be weakened and resisted in the winter.

In general, Wuyishan is suitable to travel for all four seasons on the basis of the air temperature. However, take the mountain scenery of Mount Wuyi into consideration, summer (from June to September) is the best time for travel. Mt. Wuyi is forbidden to enter in winter and it has about 200 fog days throughout the year focus on other three seasons. Furthermore, from the spring festival (the beginning of a lunar year) to lunar February, the city has many a festive traditional folk festivals and celebrations, such as Candle Festival, Chaitou Festival, and so on.