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Warmly welcome to China with us! We are very glad to provide you with some practical information for you to get some general ideas of China before you come to visit China. The following are some basic information for your China trip, we hope it would be useful and you will enjoy your stay in China. If the information what you need is not covered below, please feel free to contact us:, phone at +86-773-5833156, or fax at +86-773-5817771


While Traveling in China

  • 1.Can I use US dollars in China? What about credit cards?

    The US dollar is not widely accepted, but major international credit cards are gaining more acceptance in China, such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. They are widely accepted in big cities, banks and hotels. Chinese currency can be drawn from the ATMs of the Bank of China by credit cards, however, a 4% commission is generally charged.

  • 2.Where can I exchange my money for Chinese currency?

    You can easily exchange your money at hotels or at the bank. You can also make purchases with credit cards, traveler's checks and US dollars at major hotels and large souvenir shops. So you neednt exchange much money into Chinese currency.

  • 3.Are trains air-conditioned in China?

    In general, trains named with T(the fastest train), K (fast train), N (starting destination, termination and routes are under the control of one railway bureau) and Z (non-stop train)are all air-conditioned. VisitOurChina will book trains with air-conditioned for our clients, except that there is no such a train available between some cities.

  • 4.Can I have a private compartment for two on the train?

    Generally speaking, there are 4 beds in one soft sleeper compartment and only a few trains from Beijing have compartments for two. So you have to purchase four tickets for two people in order to obtain a private compartment. But it is not highly recommended.

  • 5.Is the tap water safe to drink in hotels?

    Hotels will advise guests if tap water is safe to drink. While, we still do not advise that you drink the tap water. Bottled water is recommended. All hotel rooms provide a water heater or thermos for customers.

  • 6.Do the hotels have non-smoking rooms?

    Yes. All star-rated hotels have non-smoking rooms or floors. But please inform us beforehand, so that we can arrange some rooms for you as per your requests.

  • 7.Is Internet access available in hotels in China?

    Most of hotels in China have internet access in guest rooms. If not, it is also available at the business center of the hotel, but the extra fee will be charged.

  • 8.What time should I check in and check out of the hotel?

    In general, the earliest time guests can check-in is 2pm, and check-out in 12pm. Half day or full day room price for late check out or early check in will be charged accordingly.

  • 9.What languages can your guide speak?

    We have multi-lingual tour guides throughout the country, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and so on. Being strictly selected and trained, all the tour guides are capable, conscientious, whole-hearted and considerate.

  • 10.How many people will be in my group?

    Since we only arrange private tours, there will be only you, your families and friends who ccompany you on the trip. Therefore, the whole itinerary will be scheduled and arranged for your time and pleasure.

  • 11.Shall we have meals with our guide and driver at the same table?

    The guide and the driver will not have meals with you at the same table, but at the same restaurant.

  • 12.Can we order our own dishes?

    Generally speaking, we only order lunch for our customers, and for dinner, you should arrange it by yourselves. If you would like to order your own dishes during the journey, please let us know, we will cancel the arrangement for you as per your requests.

  • 13.Do you provide vegetarian food?

    Yes, we do provide vegetarian food for our clients who have such special request. But please inform us beforehand so that we have enough time to arrange it.

  • 14.Who should I contact if any emergency happens during the trip?

    You can contact your tour guide for any emergency. We will forward the contact ways of each guide during your journey ahead of time. Or you can also call the tour operator who takes care of your tour instead. We will deplete my strength to settle your problem.

  • 15.How to tip the guide, drivers or the hotel porters during our China trip?

    Tipping has become a common practice in China. You can tip guides, drivers and hotel porters once you are satisfied with your work and service, but it is not common to tip restaurant waiters/waitresses or taxi drivers.

  • 16.How can I find my guide upon arrival?

    If you arrive at an airport, our guides will waiting for you at the entrance of the airport and hold a sign with your name. If you arrive at a railway station, the guide will wait for you in front of the carriage gate you are in and hold a name sign. For some railway stations, there is only one entrance, so it will be more convenient for you to find the guide at the entrance of the station. Nevertheless, we will double check with you beforehand, so please dont worry about it.

  • 17.Are breakfasts included in my tour?

    Breakfasts are included in each destination as long as we book the hotels for you. If you arrange the reservation by yourselves, the breakfasts are not included.

  • 18.What's the content of western breakfast and Chinese breakfast?

    TA western breakfast will usually consist of western style buffet with juice, milk, eggs, sausage, bacon and bread. While, a Chinese will usually include a number of hot dishes such as noodles, porridge, vegetables, cereals, and Chinese dim sum plates.

  • 19.What night activities are available in major cities?

    There are various night activities available in each major cities, please see the following details. Beijing: Peking Opera Show, Kungfu Practice Show, Teahouse performance Chengdu: Sichuan Opera and Turning Face Dunhuang: The Summer of Dunhuang Shanghai: Acrobatics Show and Huangpu River Cruise Xian: Tang Dynasty Show Guilin: Cormorant Fishing Show, Impression - Liu Sanjie, The show of Longji Terrace, Dream like Li River, Two rivers and four lakes Guangzhou: Night Cruise on Pearl River Hangzhou: Eternal Legend of Song Park Huangshan: Huangshan Night Pingyao: A Handle of Chinese Dates Zhengzhou: Zen Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony (Not available between November and March the next year) Suzhou: Garden Show.

  • 20.Is it easy for me to find an ATM in china?

    ATM machines are available in the bigger cities in China, while, it is a little difficult to find one in some remote areas or smaller towns. So we suggest you to bring some cash while taking the tour.

  • 21.What is the luggage allowance?

    Each passenger is restricted to one carry-on baggage and one check-in baggage. Please see the following regulations between them: Carry-on luggage Each first-class passenger is entitled to have two pieces of carry-on luggage, business-class passenger one piece and economy-class passenger one piece. The size may not exceed 20x40x55cm. Check-in luggage Any passenger holding a first class is entitled to bear the luggage of 40 kg free of charge, business class, 30 kg and economy class, 20 kg. Groups traveling together can combine their luggage allowance when they check in together. No free luggage allowance is entitled to infants.

  • 22.Should I bring a converter to China?

    The electrical current in China is 220 volts/50-cycles, including Hongkong, so you need a converter. Outlets vary throughout the country; two-phase and three-phase sockets are commonly used in hotels. Usually, some hotels provide adapters, but highly recommend that you take an adapter by yourselves.

  • 23.Will Chinese Hotels ask for a deposit when I check in?

    Yes, all Chinese hotels will ask for a deposit when the customers check in and the amount required is various according to regulations of the hotels. But please dont worry about it. The deposit will be returned to you upon check out.

  • 24.Can I upgrade my hotel room or add extra nights?

    We can do it with a reasonable cost as long as there are some rooms available.

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