China Travel Security and Promises of the Agency

Tourism is a variable industry with booming competitors' presentations everyday, therefore choosing a China Travel Agency and subscribe for a China tour online is a hard choice to make. To know and communicate with one company, compare the prices and services, to ask suggestions from professional China travel advisors and to read former customers tour reviews or even contact them to know their satisfaction on the tour organizers ensure tourists a safe and pleasant journey. Take a couple of minutes to know our advantages and promises.

Tour Price

We promise to offer the cheapest price in every quotation and never cheat customers.

If you find our price is the same or higher than others, it does not simply mean they have better tours as we never use hotels, tour guide, itinerary that leads to potential complain.

We treat every customer equally no matter they just ask some questions about the tour or confirm a 30 days China tour with us. A lower price, better services is our tenet.

Sometimes we make no profit or even bear the lost by ourselves because we never forgot that we are not only your tour guide but also your friends in China, nothing is more important than a friend's smile.

  • U.S Customers

    James CopassII and his wife took a classic China tour with us and finish their wishes to be on the Great Wall and we are friends since their first email.

  • Travelers from America

    Roger Whiteley Sheffield and his wife selected Tibet as one of their destinations to China and witness the holy land and the World's roof of Tibet.

Services before and during the Tour

Guests can contact our former customers as a reference if they want to know our tour and service in advance.

Professional tour suggestions and itinerary will be offered within 24 hours, all your questions will be answered patiently and accurately.

We never said yes if your schedule and flight time is not available to finish all the attractions you want. We will always try to find a way to make your every minute staying in China a happy and memorable one. E.g. morning flight arrival + visiting Terracotta Army + afternoon flight leaving is absolutely ok with VisitOurChina.

We will never send any spam tourism advertisement to your email or disturb you by any other ways. We guarantee to keep your personal contact details well, never use for any beneficial activities.

  • Guests from Australia

    It was lucky to help Kathleen Mawdsley and her best friend to finish her dream of holding a Giant Panda on the arm at Chengdu and their long duration tours including Tibet and many highlight cities.

  • Polish Friends

    The Rice Terrace in Longsheng of Guilin is usually not included in the common itinerary for its higher prices but never miss it if you have time, Malgorzata Nesterowicz and his girl witnessed the marvelous Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces.

Payment Flexibility

The earlier you pay the better discount you will have.

We will only charge the basic pre-booking fees if customers are doubt about our service, flight ticket, hotel booking and other fees that need to be paid before customer arrival.

Variety of the payment method ensures the safety for both customer and travel agency itself.

We can even accept part/total payment on cash based on the customers' travel duration and the urgent level of their tour date . Last minute booking is available and helps more people to visit China with more safety and satisfaction.

  • Our friends from Africa

    Sangeeth Sewnath from South Africa was biking on the Ancient City Wall in Xi'an, and enjoyed fun and traditional food and snacks in many Chinese cities.

  • Indian Family with VOC

    Sumita Basu and her big Indian families visited Guilin and brought back their happiness and good recommendation, we welcomes guests from all over the world.

Extra Free Offers

Considering about the cost and the variety of the customer needs, we can arrange paid or even free activities during your travels. (E.g. free dumpling banquet in Xi'an, free evening shows at Guilin, extra and free a la carte meals at traditional local restaurants, free gift and extra attraction visiting…)

There is no free lunch in the world' , but we can do that because you are our friends in China.

  • Amigos Hispanohablantes

    Félix Valverde Espinoza and his group from Mexico were having dinner with travel advisors of VisitOurChina, we felt honored and happy to offer extra meals and bring happiness to everybody. ¿Hablas español? Bienvenidos a nuestro China. Maybe you only have a short staying here but tour to two destinations (like Beijing + Xi'an, the Great Wall and Terracotta Army and Horses) is cheap and worthy.

Tour Flexibility

You can require adjusting your itinerary, tour guide, hotels if you think they did a very bad works. And we will always try best to minimize the lost.

We promise to finish every detail on our final confirmation letters, and prompt and reasonable changes will be made if force majeure happens. You will arrive and leave China with smiles.

Tour Guides and Drivers

Only those highly recognized tour guides and drivers will be used for your group.

Former guests / their recommending friends with VisitOurChina can even choose the same tour guide for their second time visiting to China.

We will never force customer to do shopping and will always help them to bring back the most worthy and memorable souvenirs.

Benefits after Tour

Customer will get bigger discount if they or any friends of them wish to travel to China with us.

We will not show customers' pictures or contact address to others if they do not wish to become a reference and all the customers' personally data will never been revealed to others.