Why Choose Us

With our experience, service-oriented team, we endeavor to meet the individual needs of all our guests by providing constant and sincere communication, secure payment methods and efficient, responsive feedback. VisitOurChina not only promise to provide a competitive price but to also give you an unforgettable travel experience of a lifetime.

If you're still undecided after trawling through the many agencies and travel sites online, then please just take a brief five minutes to browse our website and observe our focus on services in the following areas:

--Commitment to Outstanding Service

We are your friends in China, therefore we dedicated to treating as more than a visitor, our staff will treat you as a friend. So, regardless as to whether or not you have doubts about coming to China for the first time, we can assure you that all our guests leave China strongly recommending us. Irrespective if you are going to stay in China for a long time and travel through many cities or just a short time, we will always do our upmost to fulfill your expectations. Our team and your goal are accordant: to enjoy an unforgettable travel experience. So please do not hesitate because:

  • You will not only enjoy a rich travel experience;
  • Your travel will provide vivid a rich memories;
  • Your enjoyment and satisfaction are priceless to us.

--Rich and Distinctive Travel Destinations and Routes

When you choose to travel with us, we will immerse you in China, we not only can provide almost any kind of China travel imaginable, but also satisfy you on every little detail during your travel through Chinese cities. We will offer you a seamless travel experience across all aspects down to your hotel room and travel tickets.

  • Reasonably priced, premium Private Tours. Our guides and drivers will do everything to deliver service that makes you smile.
  • Flexible and enriching Tailor Made Tours to make bring your conceptions of China to life.

--Economically Priced Tours

When you travel with VisitOurChina, you can rest at ease, because we provide you with private tours at even more affordable price than group tours abroad! At the same time we deliver a high standard of service, we aim to meet the needs and wishes of all our guests, our objective is to provide affordable user-friendly tours that leave you with a rich and happy memories.

--Different Languages to Meet Your Needs

VisitOurChina welcomes anyone of any nationality to use our service. Wherever you're from, we guarantee that we can meet your needs, please refer to our multi-language websites:

--We Have A Customer Focused Team

We treat every booking as a chance to make new friends, so it does not matter if you are interested in a classic tour or a customized tour. Please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will reply fast and effectively the first time, every time.

  • Highly organized efficient travel advice team.
  • A customer focused team on the ground to take you home.
  • High quality hotels, vehicles and travel guides to make your trip enjoyable and smooth.

--Nationwide Reputation for Excellence and Reliability

Our agency has gained a national reputation for outstanding travel service and products. Our website details our list of commendations and high level of customer satisfaction. We guarantee that our prices our comparable to any major travel agency anywhere. We treat every new guest as a friend.

--Memberships. We are registered travel agency and we are not only dealing English customers but for the entire world. Please see: http://en.cnta.gov.cn/travelinchina/TravelAgencies/guangxi/, please note the ID number 1413 is us.

And registered number of PATA at www.patamanager.org/Members/2224

--Customer feedback. It does not matter if you are American, Canadian or Australian, through our website you can share and read about our previous guests experience and their rating of our service. Every guest's personal information is highly confidential, therefore, if you wish to acquire a previous guest's reference then please contact us or browse our Testimonial section of our website for general customer feedback.

Welcome to VisitOurChina, we are your friends in China.