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Shanghai: The financial center of China and its most developed city. Let our tour guide walk you through the development of this teeming metropolis from its colonial past to its cosmopolitan present.Experience the bridge between east and west as well as the spectacular World Expo 2010.

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Working Staff

  • Lilian Niu

    Chinese Name: Niu Aili (Female)
    Graduated from Shanghai University
    Lilian has being working as an English tour guide since 2007. She can explain every attraction in detail information, a very patient guide.

  • Karl Cai

    Chinese Name: Cai Jie (Male)
    Graduated from Shanghai Normal University
    Karl has being working as an English guide since 2007. And he always has good interact relationship with his clients.

  • Jackie Zhang

    Chinese Name: Zhang Chen (Male)
    Graduated from Nanjing University of Science and Technology
    Jackie is a humorous and sagacious guide who always gives vivid of the attractions, thus got the "Excellent Tour Guide" of Suzhou.

  • Cici Sun

    Chinese Name: Sun Ling'er (Female)
    With three years guide experience since 2007, Cici provide good service to her clients with meticulous explanation and great patience. So she always enjoy good customer responding.

  • Jack Yu

    Chinese Name: Yu Shizhen (Male)
    Graduated from Anhui Fuyang Normal University Jack is undoubtedly a good tour guide with rich experience since he started his work 10 years ago (from year 2000).

Quick Questions

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