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Our Travel Blog is the place to share our real life, travel experiences in China with you. Besides, we will provide information related to Chinese culture and China travel guide. "A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near." Traveling makes us to be closer, let's discover China together!

Charlie's China Tour—Guilin, here we are

2018-04-09 | China travel Guide | Comments(0) |   Views:(541)

Today we depart pretty much on our own for Guilin by train. We meet Julie, the lady who is our local guide in Guilin, and Sandy. It was so good to finally meet Sandy after our first correspondence some 2 1/2 years ago. We dined at the hotel restaurant.

Charlie's China Tour—Another Big Day in Hong Kong

2018-04-04 | China travel Guide | Comments(0) |   Views:(484)

Charlie's China Tour—Another Big Day in Hong Kong Day 5, it is another big day in Hong Kong! As it has a better weather for visiting, we went to the Victoria Peak,Aberdeen, andStanley Market with our guide David.

Charlie's China Tour—Tour in Macau

2018-03-29 | China travel Guide | Comments(0) |   Views:(482)

Charlie's China Tour—Tour in Macau On my day 4 in China, Jay and I visited Macau whereis a peninsula that is connected to mainland China.Unlike Hong Kong, there are many Roman Catholic buildings in the Old City. We had a nice time in Macau for visiting theRuins of St. Paul,A-Ma Cultural Village,Guia Fortress,Leal Senado Square, and so on.

Charlie's China Tour—Tour in Hong Kong

2018-03-28 | China travel Guide | Comments(0) |   Views:(464)

Charlie's China Tour—Tour in Hong Kong We finally start our Hong Kong tourthis day. We had a nice start of visiting Lantau Island, the Tian Tan Buddha,and Tai-O Village.

Charlie's China Tour—Arrive Hong Kong

2018-03-26 | China travel Guide | Comments(0) |   Views:(496)

Charlie's China Tour—Arrive Hong Kong Jay and I arrive at Hong Kong at 6 PM. I was previously here in 1996 and it is good to be here once again.

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Charlie's China Tour---- Departure to China

2018-03-23 | China travel Guide | Comments(0) |   Views:(483)

Charlie's China Tour---- Departure to China I began working on this travel adventure with "Visit Our China" English speaking travel executive Sandy Ren in April of 2015; however, I was not able to travel because of my knees.After myphysical therapy, I finally able to travel and departure to China on September 6.

Slow down, and enjoy the life

2017-06-23 | China travel Guide | Comments(0) |   Views:(1521)

Chengdu is a city which is suitable for living, you can play mahjong in the People’s Park, sit in a teahouse and watch a Bianlian Show, or go shopping on the Chunxi Pedestrian Street. After your first time in Chengdu, I’m sure that you would like to discover it more.

Close to the Heaven – travel in western Sichuan and Yunnan

2017-05-25 | China travel Guide | Comments(0) |   Views:(1763)

Sichuan and Yunnan Province are two provinces with lots of beautiful views which you cannot miss. This time, follow me to discover these wonderful places by self-driving.