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Our Travel Blog is the place to share our real life, travel experiences in China with you. Besides, we will provide information related to Chinese culture and China travel guide. "A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near." Traveling makes us to be closer, let's discover China together!

A leisure tour to Xingping Yangshuo, Guilin

2022-03-01 | Life in Guilin | Comments(0) |   Views:(56)

Xingping is an ancient town near Yangshuo, Guilin. It’s surrounded by great examples of Karst scenery. We started our tour on a sunny weekend, we took a bullet train from Guilin to Yangshuo..

Intangible cultural heritages in Guilin -traditional handicrafts

2020-04-03 | Cultures | Comments(0) |   Views:(151)

Guilin traditional handicraftsA lot of handicraft making techniques have even been included in the intangible cultural heritage lists, in which the traditional techniques of making circular fan, lacquerware, colored inscription rubbing and other handicrafts with local characteristics of Guilin can be found.

Intangible cultural heritages in Guilin -three local “treasures”

2020-04-03 | Cultures | Comments(0) |   Views:(145)

Guilin local productsThe three “treasures” of Guilin refer to three representatives of traditional local products, which are Guilin Sanhua wine, Guilin fermented bean curd and Guilin chili sauce. People who come to visit Guilin, especially the domestic visitors, like to taste the three “treasures” and even buy some as souvenirs for relatives and friends.

Intangible cultural heritages in Guilin -costume and long hair of Red Yao people

2020-04-03 | Cultures | Comments(0) |   Views:(153)

Red Yao in LongshengGuilin city has a history of more than 2,130 years, the integration of multiple cultures has formed rich and colorful intangible cultural heritage resources. At present, more than 400 items have been included in the protection lists of intangible cultural heritage at the national, provincial, municipal and county levels. These intangible cultural heritages have greatly enriched the culture and tourism of Guilin.

Tasty Food in Guilin -Local Snacks

2020-03-26 | China Food | Comments(0) |   Views:(148)

Snacks can be often used to reflect the local material culture and social life style, it is an important feature of a region. For the people who come to Guilin, if there's an opportunity you are suggested to try the local snacks including these introduced in the blog to enrich your trip of the city.

Tasty Food in Guilin -Meat & Fish Dishes

2020-03-26 | China Food | Comments(0) |   Views:(144)

In China, generally speaking, meat and fish dishes are a big part to judge people's cooking skills, so the most well-known dishes in various places are often meat and fish ones. The blog is an introduction to some famous and tasty meat and fish dishes in the counties belonging to Guilin.

Tasty Food in Guilin -Noodles

2020-03-26 | China Food | Comments(0) |   Views:(143)

Guilin is famous for its beautiful mountains and clear waters. In fact, the delicious food here is also evocative. Because Guilin is a multi-ethnic settlement, the fusion of foods of these ethnic groups has formed its own characteristics in the diet.

Charlie's China Tour—Visit Reed Flute Cave & Leave for Xi'an

2018-12-25 | China travel Guide | Comments(0) |   Views:(256)

Charlie's China Tour—Visit Reed Flute Cave & Leave for Xi'an "Search for a beautiful heart. Not necessarily a beautiful face. Beautiful people are not always good. But good people are always beautiful."