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China tours to Shenyang

Shenyang, provincial capital of Liaoning, is the center of politics, economy, finance, culture, transportation, communication and tourism of Northeast China. As one of the fifteen sub-provincial cities, Shenyang is divided into nine districts, one county-level city and three counties. The city covers an areaof 13,000 sq. km. in total, with the downtown 3,495 sq. km. There are more than eight million residents here. Known as the Oriental Ruhr, Shenyang is the most important heavy industrial base in China. Political institutions, military establishment, financial institutions,... More information about Shenyang

If you are a skiing lover, this tour is absolutely a good choice - the yearly snow duration of 150 days in Jihua Ski Resort in Harbin will bring you much "snow joy". Combined with the Shenyang Imperial Palace, another "Forbidden City" in Northeastern China, and the Puppet Emperor's Imperial Palace where China's last emperor lived, you can learn some things about Chinese history without going to Beijing, the most important imperial city in China. Also, you can enjoy your lovely beach time on the Xinghai Square in Dalian...

Bordering Mongolia and Russia, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China is renowned for its endless grassland. Standing on the green meadow there, you will be captivated by the unpolluted greenness, the Mongolian gers and the livestock dotting on it. And in northeast China, Man People, another Chinese ethnic group, will interest you with its charming ethnic custom and clothes...

This 5 day China winter tour takes you to the North of China and to some of the best skiing in Asia. You will see sites rarely visited by visitors, enjoy the world-famous Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin, plus much more. You will see tigers at the Siberian Tiger Park, visit the ancient Qing Dynasty palace in Shenyang, and much more.

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