Sanya Attraction

Read the following introductions for attractions in Sanya. You will know the top attractions there and you can also get to know the city attractions by category.

Temples, Monasteries and Mosques

Nanshan Temple

Chinese name: 南山寺 (Nan Shan Si). Location: at Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, about 40 km west of Sanya City, Hainan Island (aka. Haian Province). Ticket: CNY150. How to get there: take the tourist bus to Nanshan (南山) at downtown Sanya or take the Xin Guo Xian double-decker tourist bus (新国线双层观光巴...

Ethnic Villages

Binglang Valley

Locatedon the border of Sanya city and Baoting county, approximately 28 kilometersfrom Sanya, The Li and Miao Ecological Cultural Tourism Area of Ganza RidgeAreca Valley (BinglangValley for short) coversa total area of 339.3 square kilometers. Builtin 1998, this valley is now a national 5A tourism destination.

Natural Attractions

Asian Dragon Bay (Yalong Wan)

Chinese name: 亚龙湾 (Ya Long Wan). Location: near Liupan Road, Tiandu Town, Sanya City, Hainan Island (aka, Hainan Province). Tickets: - Center Square + Shell Exhibition Hall: CNY53; - Butterfly Valley: CNY33. Opening time: 07:30-18:00. How to get there: - By bus No.15 in downtown Sanya; - B...