Sanya Weather

Sanya falls into tropical maritime monsoon climate, with the annual average precipitation being 1,263 millimetres. Every year from June to October, rain increases from moment to moment. Its annual average temperature is around 25.5℃, with the highest temperature in June, 28.8℃ on average, the lowest temperature in January, 21.6℃. There is no fog in Sanya throughout the year.

Since the four seasons in Sanya do not change great deal, it is a wonder winter resort of China. So travelers can come to this city at any time, but the best time is from September to April. Autumn and winter are often warm and cozy, which enables travelers to wear summer clothing and scandals to amble along the beach, or bask in the sun. Every year when it comes to December, Sanya will see international wedding festival, which is usually held in such famous attractions as End of the World. Therefore, you are recommended to avoid the peak, if you prefer tranquility.