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China tours to Pingyao

Pingyao County is a famous tourist spot lying in Shanxi Province, North China. Renowned as one of the best preserved ancient-walled city of the country, Pingyao has a tremendous movie-set charm that was recognised at a worldly extent by the ranking to UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Being an embodiment of China's history and harmony, Pingyao is the perfect place where entering into a deep insight of China. With its cobbled streets, grey walled houses and typical Chinese red decorations and architecture, the city is just a charming place to anyone. Travelers and backpackers l... More information about Pingyao

This China tour is truly special. Showcasing some of the most famous, and little known treasures of China, this tour is one that will leave you with a lifetime of incredible memories. You will visit sites like The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, The National Stadiums for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Imperial temples, the Hanging Monastery, The Terracotta Warriors, and so much more. This tour will really allow you to get in touch with China’s magnificent history.

Pingyao, one of the ancient city that are well preserved, is known for its historical culture as well as Lijiang of Yunnan. In Pingyao you will be immerged in the old sights, e.g. Ancient City Wall, Rishengchang Draft Bank, Ming and Qing Street, etc. And the best amazing highlights in China, including Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, Yuyuan Garden,the Bund… will be included within this tour for your remarkable photographing...

The tour combines two special experiences, i.e. China bullet train ride and the ancient Silk Road exploration. By taking this tour, you will have a marvellous view of the natural landscape, and feel the splendid culture as well as the modern civilization of China.

4 Days Shanxi Flour Products Gourmet Tour

4 Days Shanxi Flour Products Gourmet Tour

Tour Code:CFT06
Duration:4 Days
Destinations:Pingyao, Taiyuan

There are various types of noodles in Shanxi, each tasting unique. Set out for Shanxi, the age-old province with traditional Chinese cuisine. Genuine Flour Products nice Rice Wine...there must be one to fulfill your stomach!

15 Days China Central Plain Culture Tour

15 Days China Central Plain Culture Tour

Tour Code:CWHT09
Duration:15 Days
Destinations:Beijing, Chengde, Datong, Luoyang, Pingyao, Shanghai, Xi'an

from USD

Experience life on China’s central plain areas with a splendid feast of history and culture, broaden your horizon amongst those old city walls and grand but exquisite relics left by ancient Chinese. Never have a chance like this to see a real and quaint China so close to its heart that you even can find its scars and feel its greatness. What better way to perfect your China cultural tour than a deep discovery of Chinese ancient cities and less-known customs?

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