Xining Attraction

Read the following introductions for attractions in Xining. You will know the top attractions there and you can also get to know the city attractions by category.

Temples, Monasteries and Mosques

Ta'er Monastery

Chinese name: 塔尔寺 (Ta'er Si). Location: on the Lotus Mountain which lies in the south of Lushaer Town, Huangzhong County, about 25 km away from Xining City, Qinghai Province. Opening time: 08:00-17:00. Ticket: CNY80. How to get there: - Take bus No.1 from the Xining Railway Station to Ximen B...

Waters(rivers, lakes, waterfalls)

Qinghai Lake

Chinese name: 青海湖 (Qinghai Hu) Location: in Qinghai Lake Basin, 200km from Xining City, northeast of Qinghai Province. Tickets: CNY100 during high season (Apr.15th-Oct.15th), CNY50 during off season (Oct.16th-Apr.14th); extra CNY115 for Birds Island, CNY90 for Sand Island, CNY45 for a pleasure-b...

Natural Attractions

Gold and Silver Grassland

With an area of some 1,100 square kilometers, the Gold and Silver Grassland is about 100 kilometers away from the capital city Xining in the east and 28 kilometers away from Qinghai Lake in the south. For the grass on the land is rich, and the cattle and sheep there are strong, people use gold and silver to describe this beautiful and rich land, hence the name "Gold and Silver Grassland".


Riyue Mountain

Chinese name: 日月山 (Ri Yue Shan) Location: Located in the southwest of Huangyuan County, Xining City, Qinghai Province. Opening time: 08:00-17:00 Entrance fee: CNY25 How to get there: There are regular buses from Xining to Riyue Moutain, which start every halfhour. Best time for visit: from...