Lanzhou Weather

Located in the hinderland of the country with the average altitude of 1500 m embraced by mountains and by the Yellow River, Lanzhou falls within the typical temperate continental monsoon climate with short spring and summer, and long autumn and winter. It has few rainfalls (with average annual rainfall of 250-350 mm focus on the months from June to September), but abundant sunlights (with annual sunshine hours of 2600). It has an average 180 frost free days, a sharp difference in temperature between day and night, and a very dry weather all year around. With an average annual temperature of 9℃, the highest temperature is about 30℃ in summer, and the coldest is -10℃ in winter.

The best time to travel in Lanzhou is during the handover period between spring and summer. However, it is bustling with crowds of visitors in September because of the famous Chinese Silk Road Festival.