Shanghai Weather

As the paradise of adventurers, Shanghai falls into subtropical maritime monsoon climate. Its general climate features are warm in spring, hot in summer, cool in autumn, cold in winter, and adequate rainfall. In short, Shanghai is mild and humid with four distinct seasons.

Recently, July and August see the highest temperature in Shanghai, hot days when temperature reaching more than 35℃ lasting about ten days. Though freezing days only go on three days, many northerners could not bear the biting weather. So the best time for visitors to travel in Shanghai is from March to May when trees blossom. What is worth noticing is that mould rains often creep into Shanghai from the middle ten days of June to the first ten days of July when the weather is capricious. Hence, you are advised not to go on a tour during these days. In addition, from the end of August to the fist and middle ten days of September, it often rains cats and dogs, and you should take an umbrella with you.