Hulunbuir Attraction

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Famous Ancient Towns

Sino-Russian Border

In 1992 the State Council of China gave permission for the establishment of post-1949 China's first ever transnational trading area. The area, located in the western bloc of the Manzhouli near the Russian border, is 10 square kilometers in size and was designed purely to increase the flow and li...


Manzhouli Museum

Constructed in 2002 in the style of Russian Buildings, Manzhouli Museum holds a diverse mix of different exhibits and allows visitors to become familiar with the story of Manzhouli. The most treasured exhibits include the Julainur skull fossil, the mammoth fossil, the excavations from the Xianbei ...

Waters(rivers, lakes, waterfalls)

Argun River

Argun River is a branch of the Heilongjiang River, sourced by the Hailaer River. From 1689 a treaty signed between Russia and China made it a boundary river. The Argun River stretches over 1620 kilometers and brings life to a large area of north-eastern China. The areas around the river-banks ar...

Natural Attractions

Hailar National Forest Park

The Hailar National Forest Park is situated in the western suburb of Hailar and originally known as Hailaer Xishan Forest Park, only 2 kilometers away from the downtown Hailar. The most feature of the Hailar National Forest Park is that it is the only state-level forest park with Mongolian scotc...


Xiaogushan Mountain

Xiaogushan Mountain is situated at the northwest of the Heitoushan Mountain at a sea-level of 554 meters. The peak still has the remains of some ancient military garrisons that were built during the Mongolian occupation and these battlements were originally used as watch towers to alert soldiers o...