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Haikou travel guide

Haikou travel guide

Haikou, known also as the 'Coconut City', is the capital of Hainan Province, China's second largest island. It stands at the northern end of Hainan Island, has an estimated population of 1.8 million. Named "Haikoupu" in ancient times, Haikou is the center of Hainan in politics, economics, culture and communications. It is located on the Nandu River, at the southern bank of the Qiongzhou Strait, facing the mainland's Leizhou Peninsula. With the sea on three sides Haikou enjoys a long coastline that features excellent bathing beaches and sea side resorts. Holiday Beach is the most popular of these, while Xixiu Beach is where the National sailing and windsurfing teams train and hold competitions. In the Ming Dynasty, it was fortified as "Haikousuo". Most people who come to Haikou are simply in transit to the more popular southern resort city of Sanya. History of Haikou - a center of the state and county Haikou enjoys a long history. More than 2000 years have passed since the establishment of Zhuya County during Emperor Wudi's ruling period (March 9, 141 to March 29, 87 BCE) of the Han Dynasty (206 BCE to 220 CE). Haikou was established as a t... More information about Haikou »

Top Attractions in Haikou

Qilou Old Street

Qilou Old Street

Located in Haikou, Hainan Province, Qilou Old Street is one of the Chinese famous historic streets. It features a stylish fusion of European and Asian architecture, as well as Indian and Arabic influences.

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Holiday Beach

Holiday Beach

Holiday Beach (officially Holiday Beachside Resort) is located in the west of Haikou City, covering an area of 54 hectares. It’s a large-scale beach tourism scenic area and the most representative seaside tourism leisure resort in Haikou.

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