Holiday Beach

Chinese name: 假日海滩(Jiari Haitan)
Location: Binhai Road, Haikou, Hainan Province, China
Opening time: all day long
How to get there: It costs CNY1 to take the Liulong tour bus or Gongshuda tour bus from Fucheng in downtown Haikou to Haifu Road and Benhai Road and finally to the Holiday Beach.
Best time for visit: from October to the following May
Recommended time for a visit: 4-5 hours

Introduction to Holiday Beach
Holiday Beach (officially Holiday Beachside Resort) is located in the west of Haikou City, covering an area of 54 hectares. It’s a large-scale beach tourism scenic area and the most representative seaside tourism leisure resort in Haikou. Holiday Beach has the overall length of 6.2 kilometers, stretching from Qiongzhou Strait in the north to Binhai Avenue in the south. The green area of Holiday Beach amounts to over 80%, among which, coconut trees, coast oaks and palm plantations account for 60%, flowers account for 20% and Taiwan turf account for 20%. 

Holiday Beach in Haikou 
Holiday Beach boasts bright sunshine, white beach, clear seawater and rows of coconut trees which constitute a beautiful natural picture. It’s an ideal resort for people living in cities to come back to nature. Holiday Beach began to open to the public from 1995. Since its opening for business, several leaders have paid an inspection visit to Holiday Beach and spoke highly of its development and management. The charming tropical landscape of Holiday Beach attracts a large number of tourists from home and abroad. 

Functional and Recreational Facilities
Holiday Beach consists of four functional areas, including catering culture area, sun bath on the beach area, exercise area on the sea area and leisure and resort area from east to west. At present, only sun bath on the beach area and exercise area on the sea area are available, and the other 2 areas are under construction. Besides, various recreational and service facilities are available, such as Water Motor Boat Center, renting swimming outfit shops, bathing center, hot spring hotels, tourism handicraft market, platform for watching the sea, beverage center, music square, beach volleyball court, beach football court, barbecue area, coconut grove log cabin, basketball court with lighting, noble yacht club and hotels.

In the east of the beach, there is mainly an on-water performance hall, a paddling paradise and a club on the sea. Covering an area of over 80 mu, the construction of this area is in the style of ancient Rome. Each year, famous stars at home and abroad are invited here to give performances, such as on-water ballet, high diving and characteristic dances. 

In the western area, there is a leisure resort. In the elegant leisure resort, there are new-fashioned holiday bungalows, special wood-structure holiday center, all kinds of tents, simple hammocks and other seaside accommodation facilities, offering comfortable accommodation environment and facilities of a variety. 

Attractions near Beach Entrance
The largest entrance of Holiday Beach is in sun bath on the beach area in the central area. Near the entrance, a huge banyan tree is in the spotlight. Under electronic control, the branches and leaves of the banyan tree are fluttering and waving, which are flickering, showing their warm welcome to the tourists. Entering into the area, you can see well-formed ecological parking lots, flower nurseries of various shapes and tropical landscape trees of various postures. 

What to do in Holiday Beach

The resort has four zones: 
Sea Sports: Here, one can enjoy swimming, sail-boarding, kayaking, or just lazing on the beach. Just whatever takes your fancy.

Food and Culture: the Guanjingtai Plaza provides excellent sightseeing and a wide variety of restaurants and bars to satisfy every palate. The International Fishing Club offers high-tech fishing tools and makes you enjoy the happiness of fishing.

The Fun Section: this offers a wide range of family entertainment: the Music Square, a roller-skating course, a Children's Movement Center, the Kingdom of Butterflies, and much more. Especially popular is the World above Water with its water ballet and diving presentations.

Relaxation: Holiday Beach provides accommodation in a relaxing environment: everything from villas and chalets to tents and hammocks is comfortable, clean and safe.

An unusual feature of the Holiday Beach Resort is the 'kissing fish'. These fish can live happily in 104F water, and they will nibble at your body to provide delightful underwater skin-cleansing care.

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