China tours to Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou is the capital city of the Henan Province. Located in the middle east of China and in the southern bank of the Yellow River the city is known as one of the Eight Great Ancient Capitals of China. Zhengzhou flourishes with lots of tourist and worth-visiting sites but also stands as a major transportation hub from northern to southern China. Divided into 6 urban districts, 5 county-level cities and 1 county, since recent years Zhengzhou enjoys a rapid urban expansion. When traveling to Zhengzhou, travelers are like bathing in an area of great historical events as the city is situated near to other famous cities such as Luoyang and Kaifeng, also China's Ancient Capitals. The city enjoys a pleasant climate characterized as humid and subtropical, which influences to...

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16 Days Best Selected Historical & World Culture

16 Days | Beijing, Datong, Luoyang, Shanghai, Xi'an, Zhengzhou

This China tour is truly special. It takes you to China’s most famous sites, along with some lesser-known treasures, and all traveling between destinations will be done by soft sleeper trains. You will visit sites such as The Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors i...

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11 Days Chinese Kungfu Experience Tour

11 Days | Beijing, Luoyang, Shanghai, Xi'an, Zhengzhou

This 11 day tour focuses on one of the most exciting aspects of Chinese culture: Kung Fu. You will get to see monks training at the famous Shaolin Temple, and a performance showing their almost superhuman abilities. Along with visiting the Shaolin Temple, you will visit some of t...

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16 Days China Central Plains Culture & Taoist Sanctuary Explore Tour

16 Days | Beijing, Luoyang, Shanghai, Shiyan, Wuhan, Xi'an, Zhengzhou

Taking you to some of the best sites listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, this tour of China will surprise and delight you. You will see China’s imperial palaces in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, the Longman Grottoes in Luoyang, the Shaolin Temple in Zhengzhou, the ...

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15 Days China Confucians Culture & Central Plains Tour

15 Days | Anyang, Beijing, Jinan, Luoyang, Qufu, Shanghai, Taian, Xi'an, Zhengzhou

This tour of China will allow you to explore the ancient philosophical, natural, cultural, and martial arts centers of China. You will see the ancient capital of Xian, and the modern capital of Beijing. You will experience the excitement of Shaolin Kung Fu in the Shaolin Temple, ...

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