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China tours to Hohhot

Hohhot, in Mongolian language, means the green city. Located in the northwestern part of North China, in the middle of Tumochuan Plain, Hohhot is the provincial capital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is bordering Zhuozi County, Liangcheng County and Lingeer County in the east, Tumoteyou banner in the west, the Yellow River in the south, Daqing Mountain in the north. Generally speaking, it is situated a thousand metres high above the sea level, with the northeast-high, southwest-low terrain. It is the hub of politics, economy, science, culture and education of ... More information about Hohhot

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Tour Dates: Aug 28–Sep 08, 2020; Price: USD3299; Single Room Supplement: USD1390 (available tour date with reversed itinerary: Sep 06-Sep 17, 2020); Minimum persons per booking: 2pax

This special tour is comprised of the great highlights in North China, which represent not only the natural beauty of the endless grassland and the magic resonant sand but also the mystery and grandness of ancient imperial tombs in different ethnic style...

4 Days Inner Mongolia Nadam Festival Tour

4 Days Inner Mongolia Nadam Festival Tour

Tour Code:EFT06
Duration:4 Days

Featured food, beautiful grassland, unique Buddhist temples and wonderful Nadam Festival are perfectly combined in this tour. We invite you to join us and know of the passionate, hospitable and brave Mongolian people!

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Characteristic experience of Mongolian grass,yurt,food, custom and performance adds more enjoyment to this leisurely China budget tour!

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