Hohhot Weather

Located in mid-latitude region, Hohhot has a semiarid monsoon-influenced temperate climate featuring uneven and little precipation and acute temperature variation. Winter here is long and cold with the lowest temperature being minus 20 to 45 degree Celsius in January. Summer is short and is the hottest season of Hohhot with temperature between 5℃~27℃. Besides, temperature of daytime can be 20℃ lower than that of night. Therefore, people have to bring caftans when they go to Hohhot even in summer. Spring drought and snowstorm in winter can be disastrous in Hohhot.

The best time to Hohhot is from April to Octorber, especially from mid-July to early September  when grass is green and fresh and annual Nadam Fair is held. People can get the chance to watch horse racing on grassland.