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The city of Anshun lies in the southwestern part of Guizhou Province, southwest China. Located is the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the place is since recent years renowned for its collection of outstanding scenic spots attracting many tourists from all over China. The city is composed of one district and three ethnic minority autonomous counties. Indeed the whole Guizhou Province is home to many ethnic minority people among which the Miao and the Buyi constitute the most important part. Karst mountains, lakes, rivers, crystal clear waterfalls, stone forests... the city doesn't have anything to envy to other tourist areas, the beauty of the place being astonishing to every travelers passing by. Namely, traveling to Anshun is having the chance to see the ranked Huangguoshu Wate...

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12 Days Ancient Ethnic Minorities Culture Tour

12 Days | Anshun, Beijing, Dali, Guiyang, Kunming, Lijiang

Explore the huge contrast in culture of the different Chinese Ethnic Minority Groups with this wonderful tour of China. You will begin in Beijing, China’s capital for over 500 years, where you will experience the Imperial splendor of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. After Beijing, yo...

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3 Days Guiyang Tour from Beijing

3 Days | Anshun, Beijing, Guiyang, Yangshuo

In this tour, Huangguoshu Waterfalls, China's greatest waterfalls, will show you the reason whyit is put on the list of the Guinness World Records as the maximal waterfalls in the world; also, as an area where Chinese ethnicminority live, its unique ethnic custom and culture is a...

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3 Days Guiyang Tour from Guangzhou

3 Days | Anshun, Guangzhou, Guiyang

Guiyang is renowned for its primitive landscapes, where you can see the largest waterfall in Asia and experience its unique ethnic flavor.

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3 Days Guiyang Tour from Shanghai

3 Days | Anshun, Guiyang, Shanghai

Here you can see the largest waterfall in the world, and visit other primitive landscapes in Guizhou Province. A distinguish destination from Shanghai, worth your visiting!

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