Anshun Cuisine

Anshun food, part of Guizhou Cuisine which features spicy and sour, is famous for various inexpensive snacks found in the night markets in East Street, Guofu Street and the eastern section of Tashan Road.

Anshun special dishes represented by Stewed Giant Salamander with Eight Condiments, Stewed Pigeon with Gastrodia, Steamed Cured Pork and Cured Tofu and Pig Blood, Baked Suckling Pig, Special Stewed Chicken Soup, Anshun Beancurd Balls, etc. Famous snacks include Beef Rice Noodles, Buckwheat Jellied Noodles, Bean Jelly in Pannikin, Guo Zha (a dessert), and so on. 

Cured Pork and Cured Tofu and Pig Blood (腊肉血豆腐)
The cured meat is the fire-cured fresh pork, which is preserved with salt, cooking wine, pepper and sugar, by pine branches. The cured tofu and pig blood is also fire-cured by pine branches; mash the tofu first, add in pig blood and seasonings, mix them thoroughly and then fire-cure them. Anshun people enjoy these two kinds of cured food together after steaming them.

Buckwheat Jellied Noodles (荞凉粉)
It is a top snack of Guizhou Province which popular with all local people regardless of age and sex. To grind the buckwheat into powders, add in water in a certain proportion and some alum, and then boil with low fire when stirring the mixture constantly. After cooling down, slice the jellied buckwheat into the shape of thin noodles, and then enjoy the delicious snack with the sauce made of fried soybeans, sour diced carrots, diced black cabbages, chopped green onion, red pepper oil, sesame oil, zanthoxylum oil, fermented bean curd, soy sauce, vinegar, ginger juice, garlic, etc.

Guo Zha (锅炸)
Guo Zha is the representative dessert in Anshun particular of winter. Wrap the glazed steamed glutinous rice cake with water chestnut flour and fry it in the pan, and then the Guo Zha is done. To enjoy this dessert, crush it with chopsticks and mix with some white sugar. The outer skin of the dainty is crisp concerning the taste, and the inner part is as soft and tender as fish brain.